Let's take a look for a moment at all the things the dairy industry isn't telling us. The dairy industry spends an inordinate amount of money telling us we need to drink milk. The dairy industry provides large number of unproductive animals for slaughter everyday. The Problems With The Dairy Industry — Cruelty to Cows. Supporting the dairy industry inflicts more pain on cows than you know. Animal Cruelty - Dairy: information about cruelty in the dairy industry. The Februdairy campaign’s goal is to continue painting an idealized (and inaccurate) picture of modern dairy farming pushed by the industrial agriculture industry. July 9, 2019. For e.g. Let’s get real: All dairy production is cruel. Dairy farms are often a target of this. Whenever we post undercover videos taken inside dairy factory farms, we receive comments from people claiming the dairy … Through this report we've documented how the meat and leather industry is heavily dependent on the dairy industry for its supply. Cruelty in the Dairy Industry. But even under the best possible circumstances when no laws are violated, cruelty and suffering is inherent in the commercial dairy industry. in 2013 42,100,000 cattle were slaughtered in India. The campaign intends to feature photos of … As I drove off and looked back in the distance at the farm, it seemed to exist as if a mirage in the midst of a vast desert, a kind of surreal gathering of invasive species in a vast and otherwise pristine coastal wilderness, one of the most diverse and cherished in the world. And yes, that includes drinking their milk. Animal rights activists often use deceiving pictures and videos to convince consumers that animals on “factory” farms are being abused and mistreated. Dairy farming is all he knows, but if he has sons and daughters, they will most likely find other professions. Our responsibility for the wellbeing of stock starts at birth and continues, not only while they are in our care, but also beyond the farm gate. Time and time again, Animal Equality has exposed animal welfare violations and extreme abuse from farmers on dairy farms all over the world. Animal welfare is at the heart of any good farming business. Dairy The dairy industry spends a lot of money on advertising, to convince us that the breastmilk of a cow is healthy for us.

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