I'm on 1.12.2, Java edition. I'll edit this in. Hey guys, was hoping somebody here could help me solve my creeper farm issue. Don't think production is high enough so gonna try my sky farm again. The way to solve your problem is by isolating the cause. Location: The farm is built on y=12, about 40 blocks below sea level. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You can test what spawns under trapdoors in a ideal world. Mobs do not naturally spawn on transparent blocks, in water (except for squid, drowned, fish, dolphin and guardians), in lava, on bedrock, or on half blocks (slabs, stairs). On the wiki it says the surface spawn cap for creepers was 5 so I figured that was it. that means every bit of cave and dirt above ground in 64 chunks... Or build it at y=200 and the afk spot at y=240 and get a couple stacks of powder per hour. Make a 2 block wall and the roof has to be trapdoors. Only creepers, spiders and i think baby slimes should be able to spawn in an area under trap doors. Sorry I don't have pictures, no spectator mode. https://youtu.be/ivcD48Zsf7c It's most likely your world so that's why you need to break your world apart so you can see what is and isn't causing it. Drops. Their hit box seems too big, I'm on Java right now, but the videos on youtube clearly show this working which is why i'm confused. I'll try it with the afk spot above. This one uses no floor string and using the eggs allowed creepers to spawn inside, but on hard difficulty they refused to do so on their own. Creepers DO spawn, but only 1-2 and not while I'm afk, just while im getting to/working on the area. (for those unfamiliar, this has a 2 high space with trapdoor on top and string on the bottom. It's entrance is 1 block into the water and the rest is built under the ocean floor near my base. The room should be two blocks tall. I tried the model by logicalgeekboy, a design I actually preferred to ilmango's. Seems like I need to work on lighting up more of the surrounding area then, cause my spawning space is still very small compared to what's around it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. my creative world is just single player so no server, and the multiplayer server is realms, Sorry! I haven't posted on this subreddit until recently and it completely skipped my mind to include the version (1.12.2) and edition (Java) as well as what my multiplayer server is (realms), In Bedrock, creepers get stuck under trapdoors. Is the server on spigot? What blocks can mobs not spawn on? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. The way to solve your problem is by isolating the cause. EDIT: Lit up a lot more shit underground, now I can confirm it is actually working cause very chest has at least a little bit of gunpowder after 2 mins of afk. I already have a sky one, it didn't work. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Location: The farm is built on y=12, about 40 blocks below sea level. The problem with building high up is that the search for suitable spawning spaces starts at Y=0. I've lit up most of the surrounding caves I could find and spammed torches above ground in a radius around the entrance. 2. make a 32x32 room of solid blocks, so that its completely dark inside. 6x6 area with a cat in the middle and the corners dug out as kill holes. I've read all the wikis I could find and can't think of a reason that the creepers aren't spawning. When killed, creepers drop: 5, if killed by the player; 0–2 gunpowder (Up to 5 with the Looting enchantment) 1 random music disc (excluding Pigstep), if killed by a skeleton or stray; 1 creeper head, if killed by a charged creeper; Behavior Carpets on specific spots to stop 3x3 spider spawns and trapdoors on every ceiling piece. 3. put any kind of upper trap door … Thanks for any help, and if you need more info just ask and I'll try my best to get back to you ASAP. I think this is probably the issue. You are fighting an almost impossible battle of needing to light everything up within a 128 block radius orb of the AFK spot. AFK Spot: My afk spot is just a tunnel dug 32 blocks straight away from the spawning room. My bad, its actually 13x13, was thinking of the wrong thing. Any insight on this problem would be fantastic. I'll describe my setup below and hopefully someone can explain where I screwed up. I explained how you can use blocks to block some mob spawns so you can get only creepers and other mobs. Thanks in, Edit: formatting Edit the Second: Sorry guys! I've been getting by just fine on the gunpowder drops from my general mob farm, but now that more players on my server are playing more frequently and using elytra we're using quite a bit more. I think this part is correct. With two otherwise identical darkroom traps, one built in the sky and the other built just above Bedrock, and all other spawning spaces outside the traps disabled, the low trap will always spawn more than the high trap. If that's the entire area, minus the corners and however many blocks are covered with carpet, it's not enough spawning space. The only advantage a high trap gives is less competing spawning spaces to disable. Removing all the blocks besides your farm and see what spawns. Place cats in boats in the end of the farm to scare the creepers away and it will direct the creepers to the other end in which you will have a water stream guiding the creepers to a kill mechanism which can be manual, with campfires, magma … I built that one over the ocean at y = 200 and put the afk spot at y=200 but 32 blocks to the side. I can't find exact info on how far I should be but I saw a few things mention 32 block and they should spawn as far as 128 if my info is correct. You can make a creeper farm by placing a spawning platform in an ocean to maximize spawning rates. The exception is monster spawners, from which they can spawn naturally on any block including air. Minecraft (Bedrock codebase) MCPE-98248; Creepers do not spawn under trapdoors. They seemed to not fit).

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