Road sponsors were allowed to choose the colors of their road markers and slogans for road signs. On April 17, 2003, the Iowa Senate introduced a bill, Senate File 451,[11] which would allow the mass transfer. County Roads of Iowa Iowa adopted its present county road numbering system around 1969, featuring alphanumeric route numbers on the blue pentagon signs that are also used in many other states. Early on, Iowa's registered routes were marked with hand-painted signs created by the group maintaining the highways. Copyright 2016 Iowa County Engineers Association Service Bureau. [7] As the interstates grew and expanded, many U.S. The study committee urged caution on immediately adopting their report, instead recommending to adopt the findings over time. The study committee itself held frequent meetings across the state to gather public opinions on the state of the highway system. Additional room for numbers on three-digit routes can be created by using 10-inch (300 mm) numbers. This division remains today. [4] By the end of 1929, the first roads connecting two state borders neared completion. On January 1, 1969, many highways in Iowa were renumbered, largely creating the numbered routes which remain today. Limiting the primary highway system to 8,400 miles (13,500 km) including. [9] As a result, in 1980, a large number of local service primary highways were turned over to counties and local jurisdictions. Find information on driver's licenses, vehicle registration, travel conditions, highway construction and various programs. Traveler full featured website. [26] The 99 counties in Iowa divide the secondary road system into farm-to-market roads and area service roads. Counties design, let, and inspect many construction and maintenance projects each year. The Farm-to-Market Road Fund consists of federal secondary road aid and 8% of Iowa's road use taxes. Classifying the primary highway system into two groups – 1,928 miles (3,103 km) of freeways and 6,472 miles (10,416 km) of other primary roads. The primary highway system makes up over 9,000 miles (14,000 km), a mere 8 percent of the U.S. state of Iowa's public road system. The road may be closed to through traffic or closed tight, with no access at all. [5] These two new roads also made travel easier between Iowa's two most populous cities, Des Moines and Cedar Rapids. [22] Today, the Road Use Tax Fund is distributed into funds based on classifications – 47.5% is distributed into the Primary Road Fund, 32.5% is distributed to counties through the Secondary and Farm-to-Market Road Funds, and 20% is distributed into the City Street Fund.[10]. The most famous registered route was the Lincoln Highway. Welcome to the Iowa County Engineering and County Roads website. Over time, federal money was set aside and bonds were issued allowing the roads to be paved. Eventually, confusion reigned and the highway commission took action. Distributing 55% of the road use tax fund for use on primary roads, 30% to the counties for secondary roads, and 15% to municipalities for local roads. Welcome to the Iowa County Engineering and County Roads website. Highways were truncated at, relocated onto, or replaced by interstates. County Road 511; cONTACT US. Designed by Missourian E. Ward King, road drags were a cost-effective way to smooth out dirt roads, costing as much as $3.00 ($85.00, adjusted for inflation[3]) to build. Iowa county roads are divided into two systems. [2] Iowa highways were signed with a circle with the route's number beneath the word Iowa. The Federal Aid Road Act of 1916 set aside $75 million over 5 years[20] ($1.76 billion, adjusted for inflation[3]) of which $146,000 per year ($3.43 million, adjusted for inflation) was earmarked for Iowa. Each organization chose their colors and designed route markers to guide motorists along the way. Interstate Highways in Iowa are signed with, compared to current MUTCD standards, an older style blue and red shield which features smaller numbers, wider striping, and the state's name on every shield.

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