I am concerned about the reviews that mention the ” hazing ” that appears on the vinyl plank flooring. It’s kind of orangish. On the whole, those customers that have had a negative experience with the product have also agreed that the product was badly installed in the first place. Looks like a lower quality product as it only is 6mm and doesn’t look like it has cork underlayment (or any for that matter). I love the variation however ever dog paw and foot print shows. It was on our kitchen floor for a couple of days and it dented. The attached cork underlayment helps with this as well. They also have some very nice wire brushed styles. thank you for any insight, having a hard time deciding on color, have farmhouse look. I have some foot issues so always wear shoes in the house, so this might make the cold, hard tile on my already cold, hard concrete a moot point?! The flooring is gorgeous and seems to be very durable . Why do you not suggest it? COREtec Plus products range in price from $6.50 to $8.55 per square foot. Because Coretec Plus is rigid and thicker than glue down vinyl, it will hide the minor imperfections in the floor. Have you heard back from clients who had this installed over radiant heat? There is a a range of opinions. Solid hardwood will scratch, but it can also be sanded and refinished many times. COREtec® has real texture and graining. This line has extra wide planks (9″ wide) and extra long (they are 6 ft long (rather than 4ft). For areas with heavy traffic, such as the kitchen, COREtec Pro Plus products are worth investing in. The dogs find it acceptable (although nothing is as good as carpet for non-slip) I did find differences even in the same line with the amount of “grip/roughness” in the flooring, and as well I suspect how it will show footprints and so on- so touch it before you buy! In the past, I have occasionally used other Tarkett products, and they have all been cheaper and inferior to the standards. US Floors was recently purchased by Shaw Floors. Please let me know your thoughts on these three, side by side comparisons, if possible. Did it all in one day. And, with the wider and longer planks, it’s super important that your sub-floor is flat/even as it will show more (see below related to floor prep/downsides). When you pull the COREtec® Plus Enhanced planks out of the box, you might even thing they are engineered planks. Coretec Plus HD. I had Gold Coast Acacia installed in my kitchen and utility room after my laminate flooring was ruined by my old washing machine leaking (which I got rid of!!). COREtec Pro Plus uses a much thicker wear layer for added durability. Nancy – Personally, I think the planks look way better and real than the tile options, and they are clearly way more popular. How do you address floor heating/air conditioning vents when using the 7 inch by 72 inch luxury vinyl plank? You can spot the difference a mile away. The planks feature an embossed grain pattern. These planks also have 4 sided painted micro bevel edges for an even more realistic look. Worried it will make my house look more like a barn. Put it down a couple years ago and have been beating the crap out of it. This collection offers unique and innovative visuals on a vinyl that enhances durability. Over the years COREtec has grown to become a major player in the Luxury Vinyl flooring market, offering very comprehensive collections of products to suit every home. It would look so much nicer in your house! And, oddly enough, it looks like it only has 1 year warranty. Are they equals, all things considered? Tile is the best flooring for radiant heat…by far. I use the recommended Shaw floor cleaner on it. How do you like the Coretec Dakota Walnut? If scratchability is your main concern, and you don’t care about waterproof, go for a good quality laminate. And, yes, it’s busy. How did it turn out? Otherwise you could get mold. We want something that definitely looks like real hardwoods. Scratching a quality floor is not the floors fault. I hope that made sense. Hopefully you had some success in finding out what the cause was for you and would be able to pass that on to me. It looks like the tiles just fit together like tongue and groove, do you recommend any adhesives to keep them in place or are they good to float? If you feel confident installing laminate, you could probably install this floor as well. Dents and scratches are NOT fixable; they are permanent. This does, however, happen with regular glue down vinyl which is why when you use those, you need to smooth out and prep the floor. If so, feel free to buy me a coffee and support my blog. please let me know. Now considering a “tile look” for a front hall- worried it will look like a wooden tunnel if we use wood. Moisture happens. Give the sales guy a break. The comments above made me giggle as I’ve had many different types of flooring over the past 64 years and each will have its own set of issues. Still not decided yet though lol. Thanks for this thread. We are replacing flooring in our 42-foot RV and like the COREtec Plus 5 plank. It can be installed directly on top of concrete, and if you have minor discrepancies in the floor, you don’t need to worry about floor prep and smoothing the area out. Thanks! We are purchasing a new build home in Southwest Florida. However, we have 3 big dogs and 2 busy young kids and are concerned that they will scratch it up. I have a coretec hand scraped in my living room. That’s half the mental battle. And, the truth is, with dogs and a busy house hold, you will get dents and scratches over time, even with a laminate (or vinyl). I recommend them as they are good products. Linda – So glad to hear that. Thanks. The designs are a bit more contemporary. That’s because water can seap through the foundation…unless it’s sealed…and most basements aren’t. Not a good choice with dogs due to unbelievable scratches. no pad or underlayment. Sandy – Oh you definitely want to check this with the manufacturer. To that end, we may be compensated with a small commission through affiliations with our endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to any products or services from this website. Our flooring installer said no, no underlayment but I have a friend who’s been in the flooring business and he said yes, very definitely and we installed a product called Titanium under our Coretek. Coretec looks like hardwood (the planks look like engineered hardwood…and look much more real than laminate)…in fact many of my customers don’t even realize they are looking at vinyl when they see the product – that’s how real it looks. Coretec Plus is an amazing product. These planks do cost more. I would guess that it helps a bit more for floors that a bit less even and gives a bit more cushioning and insulation. Was thinking of purchase this. Importantly, they also have matching quarter round (which really comes in handy if there are build in cabinets or paneled walls. Here’s my question: I see that you are a big fan of the Coretec Plus. We are trying to ensure the best sound-proofing we can get, with the constraints we have. If scratch/dent proof is what you need, go with a laminate, but know that it absorbs water and moisture. Coretec Plus is made by US Floors, and they are a very reputable manufacturer. Do you think the COREtec Plus tile would work well in an unheated sunroom in northern Wisconsin? ??? I have 2 labs. I’m replacing my kitchen laminate and living room carpet. Have read that if our rig will be in temps below 30 degrees, the COREtec flooring should be glued down. Do these planks tend to scratch and cup? Increase your home's value with these 27 DIY projects! I love the look of the flooring but wish I had not gone with it because if one walks on it in bare feet, footprints are left all over the floor. I’m Interested in CoreTec One, but I can’t figure out of it needs an underlayment. Whatever lets you suck up the hairs quickly and fairly painlessly! The finished room is about 500 sq. I think this is obvious (and goes without saying), but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention it. Also is a vapor barrier underneath the recommended surface or do you usually put down a mat as well? The Coretec plus Flooring Problems Chronicles. You can read more about a floating floor here:  What is a floating floor? And all this talk about footprints, and water marks is laughable. My question is–has anyone tried soundproofing underlayment under the 1/2″ Coretec? Charlene – That should not be a problem with Armstrong’s Rigid Core LVT. Honesty please. on ground level) as well as upper levels, so it’s a very flexible product. you recommend no glue but manufacture recommends glue down if heavy objects.we are doing our kitchen, is it okay in your opinion to not glue and still be ok with a heavy fridge. Assuming instructions and recommendations have been followed carefully, the robust 4-layer construction will result in a great floor that should last a long time. It would be installed as a floating floor. I recently had Coretec plus put down and I am very unhappy with the results. If boards are separated by other boards less than 12 inches between board endings will look appropriate.

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