I've changed tons of settings/driver installs/reinstalls to see if anything gets rid of it, Nothing. The “Launch” skill is deeply important. Control was released in August 2019 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.A cloud-based version for the Nintendo Switch was released in October 2020. Factions clash as they try and recover, collect, destroy, and control these items. It’s not much, but it just might save your life! Launch will always grab something — even if nothing is visible. It doesn’t even tell you when they become available. You’ve got experience points, of course, but also crafting materials. In these cases, it’s also important to listen to Jesse (the protagonist). The artifact slowly enters your chest and fuses with your heart. And it’s awfully good flavor, most of the time! Control doesn’t really tip you off about these. Objects of Power (OoPs) are a type of Altered Item connected to the Astral Plane. At the beginning of your upkeep, create a token that's a copy of enchanted artifact. It’s way more important than it seems at first. Elevators are oddly underused in Control, considering how important they are during certain key moments. Besides being hidden in certain collectibles, you can also get side quests from NPCs. It’s the in-game signs — like those you would see in any office building — that actually point you toward specific rooms, elevators, and points of interest. It’s hard to hit zombies when you’ve got an eyeful of hair! White squares are a common artifact in a card that is failing / overheating. Main story quests come with a diamond icon that’s filled in. These function as much more limited fast travel spots and also serve as checkpoints. Unlike ordinary Altered Items, OoPs can be bound by parautilitarians, allowing them to wield their abilities through the Astral Plane. If you really need crafting materials and XP, there are also Board Countermeasures. Has nothing to do with your gpu dying like some people think. So you always want to make sure something is in range to pick up, right? Control doesn’t really make this clear (not at first), but the game doesn’t have traditional checkpoints. But there’s a more practical reason to pick up papers, too. Theoretically you can find these naturally in the world, but the collectibles will give you objective markers earlier than normal. What’s the director of a shadowy, supernatural bureaucracy to do? But it's likely the graphics card itself. It’s kind of Metroidvania-like in that way. Most of these are just for flavor. It doesn’t feel smooth or natural, but you can chain dashes while in mid-air to effectively fly short distances. You can carry up to three Board Countermeasures at any one point. And don’t be afraid to abandon them! This allows you to reach treasure chests and high ground earlier than you normally would (there’s a better aerial upgrade later). Even at low levels, using it to telekinetically fire office equipment will one-shot enemy shields. Most of these are just for flavor. Not necessarily! Control is full to burst with collectibles: discarded pictures, redacted memos, and live-action video tapes. Please take this game at a glacial pace if you want to enjoy it as much as possible. If you do expire, you won’t come back at the closest control point; you resurrect at the last one you touched! UPCOMING GAMES; GUIDES; Scroll down to content. Thankfully, enemies can’t aim for shit when you’re moving. You don’t really regenerate it, can lose it very fast, and there are no recovery items you can use between battles. Instead it uses Dark Souls style bonfires in the form of “control points.” These act as fast travel nodes, allow you to upgrade your weapon, and, of course, respawn when you die. She will often audibly say things like “How am I supposed to reach that?” This indicates that you need and upgrade. A Game of Artifact Control There are objects of power in the universe. But they’re pretty useful. This is the only game that I've seen anything like this, so it does seem to be Control that's the problem. Same issue. That’s simple! You can explore much, much more of the Oldest House than you’re “supposed” to very early on. There are… just… so many different resources in Control. Oh! If we had to recommend one of the artifacts in this list over all the others, we’d recommend Mox Diamond. They actually spray the weird, blue HP shards on the ground as you deal damage. Then if you control eight or more artifacts with the same name as one another, you win the game. Turning down the graphics setting so it is less taxing may help. The game consists of two or more players facing … And it’s awfully good flavor, most of the time! But where do you find side quests? It only gives you a vague outline of the world you walk around. It’s kind of at a premium in Control. Other Versions. Not sure how to reach a specific part of a sector you’re in? All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Besides side quests, they  also offer unique dialogue that adds to the game’s plot and world building! The world of Control is meant to be consumed at a leisurely speed, it’s mysteries unravelled via your curiosity. Side stories have a little downwards pointing arrow (a chevron) and are located in the same sub-section. The core of the game revolves around control of these artifacts. Enchant artifact you control. Sometimes a Board Countermeasure refers to “Grip.” This is what your Service Weapon is called in its normal pistol mode. Don’t be afraid to just leave and come back! The only way to stay healthy is by dodging attacks. Finding the Control Objects of Power is vital to enhancing director Jesse Faden's abilities. This one, while not something you ever intentionally obtain, is always available! It doesn’t happen very often, but a couple of collectibles in the environment will actually point you to new abilities and other upgrades.

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