Going back to the case about lying to your friend. One difference, however, is consequentialism does not specify a desired outcome, while utilitarianism specifies good as the desired outcome. Utilitarianism and consequentialism are different, yet closely related philosophical positions. Utilitarians are usually consequentialists, and the two views mesh in many areas, but each rests on a different claim, so I shall try to deal with them separately. For a utilitarian, it’s right to lie to your friend to protect your other friend’s secret info just in case doing so produces the greatest balance of happiness over unhappiness. Consequentialism & Utilitarianism. Moral rightness depends on Difference Between Consequentialism And Utilitarianism; Difference Between Consequentialism And Utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is a specific version of consequentialism, and the most common one. ones family, fellow citizens/compatriots, class or race. Indeed, utilitarianism and consequentialism share many of the same tenets. Each act requires prior assessment and research leading to delayed response All judgments are not alike Intended and real consequences cannot be mapped each time John Stuart Mill embraces a version of consequentialism called utilitarianism. 4.1 Consequentialism Two types of consequentialism (1) Egoistic and particularistic consequentialism One only takes into consideration how the consequences of an act will affect oneself or a given group – e.g. In contrast, consequentialism - a term which she introduced - determines what one should do solely by reference to the foreseen consequences of actions.. Utilitarianism is a doctrine that an action is right if it promotes happiness. In a nutshell, Anscombe considers utilitarianism to take account, in respect of consequences, solely of the actual consequences of actions. Like consequentialist, Utilitarian’s judge the morality of an action based on its consequences. Act Utilitarianism: A particular action is morally good only if it produces more overall good than any alternative action. ★ Consequentialism vs utilitarianism: Search: Academic disciplines Business Concepts Crime Culture Economy Education Energy Events Food and drink Geography Government Health Human behavior Humanities Knowledge Law Life Mind Objects Organizations People Philosophy Society Sports Universe World Arts Lists Glossaries. 1850 Words 8 Pages. Utilitarianism is very closely associated with consequentialism, to the point where some use the terms interchangeably. Act Utilitarianism/Act Consequentialism: Problems. The distinction is well brought out in the following extract of a review by Rachael Wiseman : Utilitarianism is one of a group of theories that maintain that the rightness or wrongness of an actio n depends on the action's consequences.

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