Luke 9:27 But I tell you of a truth, there be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the kingdom of God. Hilda Bright. Study the bible online using commentary on Luke 9:27 and more! Luke 9:23 And he said to all ... It’s Not All Future (9:27) 27 But I tell you truly, there are some standing here who will not taste death until they see the kingdom of God.” One thing Jesus wanted His disciples to understand is that not all eternal things are future things. Words in boxes are from the Bible. Resources » Matthew Henry's Commentary » Luke » Chapter 9 » Verses 18 ... Luke 9:27. Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary. The author . 27. not taste of death fill they see the kingdom of God—"see it come with power" (Mr 9:1); or see "the Son of man coming in His kingdom" (Mt 16:28). A little child is the emblem by which Christ teaches us simplicity and humility. An EasyEnglish Commentary (2800 word vocabulary) on the Gospel of Luke. ... See on Luke 6:20. Of the person who cast out devils in Christ's name, but did not associate with the disciples, Luke 9:49, Luke 9:50. Commentary on Luke 9:43-50 (Read Luke 9:43-50) This prediction of Christ's sufferings was plain enough, but the disciples would not understand it, because it agreed not with their notions. Luke wrote two books of the *New Testament (NT). ADAPTED FROM MARK. Read Luke 9:27 commentary using Robertson's Word Pictures of the New Testament. Again foretells his passion, Luke 9:44, Luke 9:45. A word list at the end explains words with a *star by them. Luke’s *Gospel tells … This translated Bible text has been through our Advanced Theological Checking. EXEGESIS: LUKE 9. The transfiguration, Luke 9:27-36. Luke 9 Commentary, One of over 110 Bible commentaries freely available, this verse-by-verse commentary contain gems of information found nowhere outside the ancient Jewish writings Biblical Commentary (Bible study) Luke 9:18-24 . The disciples contend who shall be greatest, Luke 9:46-48. Luke’s Good News. Cures a demoniac, Luke 9:37-43.

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