This will get you up to speed for the summit interview if you’re hearing this for the first time or if you read this back in 2017. Linda Thanks for your reply . Food, Mood and Women's Health – Be your healthiest, look and feel great! October 25, 2019 By Trudy Scott 29 Comments. If you have yet to sign up, please do come and join us and learn. 1. Additional Anxiety ResourcesClick on each image to learn more, Filed Under: Anxiety Summit 5 Tagged With: anxiety, anxiety summit, anxious, collagen, Collagen Can Cause Anxiety and Insomnia, gut-brain, insomnia, serotonin, Trudy Scott, tryptophan. I thought I saw a comment on this on your site, re marine collagen. And remember I’m not saying don’t use collagen but to assess for low serotonin if you use it and feel anxious, depressed or can’t sleep. Where am I going wrong? Is this is what is recommended as a protein source? I assume you noticed a spike in your blood pressure when taking collagen? Please let us know the outcome. And for those of us who live with it, anxiety IS our normal. It’s wild. Why else would I be so chill? Mind you, my anxiety was fairly mild to begin with, but it was still ever present, and it was still sabotaging my everyday life. Although generally well-tolerated, collagen supplements may produce uncomfortable side effects such as a feeling of fullness, a bad taste in the mouth, heartburn or even an allergic reaction. I am especially sensitive to anything that raises anxiety, due to my hyperthyroidism. How high did it go and did it drop when you stopped collagen (and how quickly)? It was much more gradual. Sandy Many thanks, Ann Trudy, I started taking collagen 3 months ago in a pill form( Organika bio cell brand). I have mixed connective tissue disease and presenting with scleroderma symptoms, which of course lays down collagen excessively in certain parts of the skin. It should not be as it’s not a complete protein. Until then let us know how you do use collagen or gelatin and if you’ve noticed any mood issues, increased anxiety or insomnia? You are amazing! Perhaps all!? In the summit interview we also talk about bone broths and a step-by-step approach to figure out if your issue with collagen is one of the following and what to do about it: This is one of 3 interviews I do on the summit. Your email address will not be published. Thanks. Contents: Know the Collagen Source Side Effects of Collagen Supplements The Pros of Collagen Outweigh the Cons While mostly on the minor end, Also, are there any specific medical tests to determine the levels of serotonin, histamine etc In the body and finally, is there a specific brand of Tryptophan one should consider? Saying Someone “Lied’’ Ends the Conversation, better strength of bone and muscle connectivity, improved structure for joints and tendons. Ann When taking collagen, I notice anxiety symptoms, I’m started taking Prozac for anxiety (so I cannot take tryptophan or 5htp). I also feel like my mood is down too. Per the blog I have folks assess if low serotonin is a factor so they can continue with their collagen by also using tryptophan or 5-HTP. I started taking collagen as natural anxiety relief before collagen was even popular. It’s impossible. I believe it because I just Googled if collagen can cause insomnia amd according to this report it can. That undercurrent which had me always feeling on edge. I use the amino acid questionnaire to assess for low serotonin and trials of tryptophan or 5-HTP There is also a platelet serotonin test but I seldom use it. Collagen Supplements Can Make You Feel Bloated "Some people may feel mild bloating or heaviness in … As fore-mentioned, collagen … Trudy is the author of The Antianxiety Food Solution: How the Foods You Eat Can Help You Calm Your Anxious Mind, Improve Your Mood and End Cravings and host of The Anxiety Summit now in its 4th season and called a “bouquet of hope.”. I did another day of bone broth mimicking diet, with taking 1 cap in AM and 2 in PM, and no anxiety! I’m curious what product you’re using and if they actually call it a complete collagen? In this interview, I’m interviewed by my colleague and friend Dr. Nicole Beurkens, PhD,  and you’ll learn: Collagen and gelatin are an excellent source of these amino acids: proline, glycine, glutamine and arginine BUT they do not contain the amino acid tryptophan. My BP spiked from 130/80 (my usual normal, with medication) to 180/90 — first noticed at the dentist office, which sent me to the doctor’s office immediately afterward.

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