5. The teams choose other captains to continue playing. An example of a group management plan is the Good Behavior Game – this sees 3 appropriate behaviors being listed somewhere prominent in the classroom. If they have learned “ to be sentenced to” for example, encourage them to write the whole expression and not just “sentenced “. Count to 100 as fast as you can. Let’s call them Captain A and Captain B. They're not really punishments! With a difficult class, discuss a favorite activity that will be placed last & only can be done when everyone stays focused. One other method not mentioned in the post & it took me 10 yrs to understand it. Kids act up when they don’t completely grasp what’s going on; their focus increases 10fold when they understand every word. In this case, the “punishment” has the added benefit of being useful language practice. Punishment should be used in the classroom to decrease undesirable behaviors. In such situations, discipline techniques like those described below that get their attention without making them cry and without taking your attention away from the rest of the class are invaluable. Even in such cases I would prefer to leave their regular teacher to deal with it or to speak to the student quietly in L1 (all my very young learners being too low level to use English), but these things are often not possible when left on my own with large classes and being forbidden to speak L1 or being unable to speak their language due to being recently arrived in the country. I’d rather watch the weather forecast! 3. A good way round this is to start bookwork when they have been disrupting the class with checking homework or something else boring, but as a usual stage of the class usually start with something fun and only do the boring bits just before they can close their books again. This Pass the Ball game is an incredibly fun classroom game that can be used with any lesson and any target language. The punishments I have used have usually been for fighting, other violent behaviour such as pushing people in games, other dangerous behaviour, destroying flashcards and other material, etc. To make trying to stop the activity not just more chaos, you’ll need to start teaching them “stop”, “sit down” etc as soon as possible, e.g. Classroom Management and Discipline. See more ideas about teaching classroom, classroom behavior, classroom … Students submit their answers and they are represented in the form of a growing word cloud. If you have never used a feedback tool, you really should give it a try. The least severe variation is to make them stand up while you tell them that they should stop doing whatever it was, and then let them sit back down again. Step 1. You can then keep pause down until they are all behaving or just move onto the next (sit down) activity. Kids Room Escape. Tip: Don’t forget to refresh your page to see all the answers the students are submitting or to choose the expand tab which will refresh the page automatically every 5 seconds. Games » Listening Skills; Just for Fun; Icebreaker; Math Skills; Other; Listening Skills . Is it me or do you have the impression that the news is filled with disaster and corruption? Random tones are pre-recorded and then played during a lesson. However, lately, I have been considering skipping them. Fixing Fossilized Grammar and Spelling Errors in an Engaging Effective Way, Lacking Inspiration? 1. Or at least pretend to. 15 punishments for pre-school English classes. 2. They give voice to all the students and not just to the ones who always raise hands. Simple language that is useful for this that you can teach them from storybooks etc includes “Bad boy/ girl”, “I am/ the teacher is angry”, “Stop”, “Don’t” and “naughty”. These exchanges are quiet, 1-on-1. Another important tip I forgot to mention is to keep the punishment as short as possible and then to accept the student or students back into the group and treat them exactly the same as the other students straightaway, with no lingering shred of disapproval and no special treatment that could make the whole experience seem like a reward (especially if they are an attention seeker). Without focused and relatively quiet students, you might as well forget about hard work and significant academic achievement. To make the whole class pay attention or use a little peer pressure to control one naughty kid, you can also stop the whole game and take everyone’s points back without counting them or congratulating anyone. Using a Feedback Tool to play a game to revise vocabulary. The difficulty of keeping control of 3-year-olds who haven’t learnt what working together means yet, or 5-year-olds who have learnt how much fun it is to change the words of every song and the pronunciation of every word, is difficult enough; but many of us teachers of English in kindergartens have to do so without […]. Students match the vocabulary to the images. Revising Physical Descriptions, Inspiration from Ellen Degeneres Show: Never Have I Ever, Crime and Punishment: Some Engaging Classroom Activities. Whilst I wouldn’t say they are a last resort (as it’s better to be strict and then relax rather than the other way round, and teaching the kids differences in culturally acceptable behaviour is probably more valuable than language lessons), I would honestly love to know how to never need them with any kids. Have the group sit in a large circle. …) Their answers will be represented in the form of an attractive wordcloud. Alternatively, you can describe the troublemakers to other teachers and make sure you learn just their names before the next class. 0 6,035 0. I think I’ll stick to Netflix. Examples of more restrictive and inappropriate punishments include sending a student to a solitary time-out room and missing lunch or snack. Very good article on a very difficult area of teaching. You can submit words, but please, only words related to crime This is a well known method of discipline by parents, but is made more complicated in a kindergarten EFL lesson by the fact that their toys and lollipops aren’t there. 2! Stopping and staring hard at one person can have the same effect, although it takes more time. These engaging ESL classroom games have been specially adapted from famous TV game shows. Ways of making it less severe include putting the chair there as a warning before you even designate which child is likely to end up there if they don’t behave and telling them from the beginning when they will be allowed back into the main group if they behave. Don’t move on If the puppet is obviously sad or even crying when it is put away, that will make your point even better- maybe too much so if you have very sensitive kids! These games can be used to practice a variety of language points, such as sentence structure, parts of speech, question and answer forms, etc. Set a timer for 90 seconds. Putting the chair so that the child sits with their back to the rest of the class makes the fact that it is a punishment more clear and can help make them more bored and so keen to join the class. Place a table in front of the students and on the table place two reception bells. On speaking to the parents, I always get a “and your point is?” sort of attitude when I tell them about their kids behaviour. If the answer is incorrect, he won’t be allowed to guess again until the other captain has had a chance at guessing. When a tone is heard, the teacher places 3 marbles in a jar if everyone in the class is demonstrating at least 1 of the 3 appropriate behaviors. If you’d like to write an article about how to teach young low level learners in an English only classroom without using any of these kinds of classroom management techniques, we’d all be very pleased to read it. Classroom Vocabulary Library Worksheets: Make a handout with pictures at the top and the vocabulary at the bottom. Learn how your comment data is processed. They are fun and make classes more interesting and engaging. movie name, song name they act out for others to guess. 14. If they don’t know the numbers backwards yet, count down on your fingers as well. These are not in any particular order, but you will probably want to plan which you will use for minor or first misdemeanors, and which will be kept for making your displeasure very clear indeed. Doll House Escape. 15. As with songs, a good reason for having the kids running around having fun is that stopping the activity makes them realise that you are displeased and makes them keen not to miss out on so much fun next time. One is teaching behavior, just as one is teaching language: pleasant but firm is the way to go, with big congratulations when expectations are met.

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