Method: Use the right Telepod, bucket, or Epoch after fighting the Black Tyranno, but before witnessing Schala enter the Ocean Palace. This is because he aged ten years while in his fiendish form. Method: Save / don't save the Chancellor from Yakra XIII. All endings in the game are listed here; any others are merely rumors and do not exist. Afterward, everyone attends the Moonlight Parade on the last night of the Millennial Fair. Characters Music Lyrics Endings Dee's Picks Walkthrough . Method: Use the right Telepod or bucket after acquiring the stolen Gate Key, but before Frog joins the party again. When you return, you will arrive at the Millennial Fair, where everyone believes Marle is wearing some sort of costume. This page describes all of the endings that you can see in Chrono Trigger, with explanations of how to get each one. The role of Crono is taken by Robo, and the role of Marle is taken by Atropos XR. In the fight, Magus will appear, but the Dream Devourer will brush him aside. There are many, let me repeat, MANY spoilers ahead, so if you're a spoiler virgin, DON'T READ ON! Frog, now forever cursed to be half-human / half-fiend, makes the most of his new life. (If you did not wreck Epoch, Lucca says that they should dismantle it.). If you acquired the Chrono Trigger before defeating Lavos and crashed the Epoch, then characters leave the Chrono Trigger behind, abdicating the mission to bring Crono back. An entire army of Reptites come running by, all chased away single-handed by Ayla. Summary. We get a scene similar to the start of the game, where the bell rings outside as Crono is awoken in his bed, this time by a soldier. Bad Ending: The Apocalypse. This ending shows the characters doing things in their own time periods after the fight with Lavos. If you do defeat Magus and immediately defeat Lavos before reacquiring Crono, Magus' magic wears off, and Frog turns back into his human form, who is a tall, muscular man. To get this ending use the right Telepod or the Epoch after facing Azala and … No matter what, all game endings revolve around fighting Lavos. Here is a brief list of how to get each ending. Lucca and the others go with Gaspar to bring Crono back, leaving Marle behind to spend time with her father. with more members of the development team in them. They are then met by a group of people from across time - Ayla, Kino, King Guardia XXI, Queen Leene, and Doan - revealing themselves to be Marle's ancestors and descendants. Magus stands on a bluff looking out at the sea. Link to me! Lucca muses over how she thought Lavos made the gates, but now believes she was wrong. Method: Use the right Telepod or bucket after giving the Masamune to Frog, but before fighting Magus. After some dialogue, Frog stands up and walks toward the door. There are multiple variations to this ending. Doan, King Guardia XXI, and Kino emerge from behind the throne, and Marle learns that they are all her ancestors. The party is hanging out at Lucca's house after defeating Lavos. Lucca and Marle use the opportunity to remark on how handsome Glenn truly is, wishing that he could stay around longer. This ending is a frog, a Kilwala, and a Nu goofing off, playing tricks on one another while the credits roll. The screen then goes black and the credit's scroll by in just a few seconds' time, revealing the ending card. A slide show ending, showing the characters alone or in groups. The military gives up and flees, and Lavos' fire consumes the world. Lavos erupts from the ground and sprays flaming spines into the air, which rain down, causing untold destruction., The Epoch (winged) - After the Epoch is equipped with wings by, A note from Hiroko Yamamoto saying "don't look for me", Shinichiro Hamasaka (Jurassic Rhythm Drummer), Tetsuya Nomura (Sparkle) - He will pretend to reset the game, Keisuke Matsuhara (Robot on the conveyor belt). In the canon ending, Frog spares Magus' life, as killing him will not return Cyrus. This article is a list of endings for Chrono Trigger and its remakes. From Chrono Wiki, a database for the Chrono series that anyone can edit,, The Epoch (winged) - After the Epoch is equipped with wings by. Marle helps the king hang the bell, but gets caught in the balloons and floats away, landing atop Death Peak. Frog returns to 600 AD, where he single-handedly takes on Magus and all of his fiends, defeating each of them along the way. With Crono hanging onto the balloons and Marle in his arms, they float off into the night sky as the credits roll. The story rewinds 1,700 years earlier, where Tata is planning on confronting Magus and bumps into Crono and his friends. Afterward, they go to the northern square, where the rest of the group awaits near the Telepods, preparing to return to their own times. Method: Any except Ocean Palace, defeating Lavos after re-acquiring Crono using the Chrono Trigger. Gaspar tells them they must return to their own times, as Lavos' destruction means that the Gates will soon shut down, trapping them. Frog goes to Manolia Cathedral, where he sees the statue of Magus. No matter what, all game endings revolve around fighting Lavos. The events of Zeal play out without Crono and the others interfering. If you use the Epoch to destroy Lavos' shell, the closing of the Gates means that there is no way to travel through time any longer. She hops and ribbits, just like her father. Method:  Defeat Lavos after returning the repaired Masamune to Frog, but before defeating Magus in 600 AD. The screen then goes black and the credits scroll by in just a few seconds' time, revealing the ending card.

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