In Spain, albondigas are traditionally served at tapas … Bring to the boil and simmer for 5-6 minutes until tender. I do love tapas but sometimes it can get pricey! . Love your new pic! Thanks, Linda. When I asked her what her favourite product was she didn’t hesitate. A tasty, rich, easy tapas recipe that's delicious served with warm crusty bread, cubed oven baked potatoes and a green salad. This is such a colorful dish! by Kathryn Burrington | England, Europe, Mainland Spain, Recipes, Spain, West Sussex, When I visited Zest for Taste in Chichester the other week I had a lovely chat with the owner, Katharine, about her wonderful shop which you can read about in a previous post here. You want the oil and any water released from the onions and mushrooms to form a bit of sauce. . The chorizo flavour was subtler when cooked but the added flavour of the red wine and thyme were spot on. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Looks so wonderful and much smell amazing! This recipe is lovely – so pretty and full of great flavors! There’s even a verb for going out to eat tapas: tapear. Excellent! If you want more sauce, add some more olive oil. Pick a few and make a buffet style spread for entertaining: The fun part of eating tapas is choosing which ones to serve or try if you’re out on the town. You can also subscribe without commenting. I used more Chorizo. Glad I found SITs…so many great blogs out there. lol What a great lunch as well! The peppers and onions cook in the fat released from the chorizo sausage which has lots of flavor. Glad you could drop by . A fantastic foodie find in Chichester. In the summer some places will serve a little gazpacho or a refreshing white bean salad. I liked reading about it, as I’ve never been there. I love tapas, and this will be a wonderful addition to our next tapas night at home. You can easily prepare a wide variety of tapas at home, like this one with chorizo, mushrooms and onions. YES PLEASE! They do smell good, that’s for sure! However, it is not always made properly. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Chorizo Sausage is a HUGE favourite of mine, and this looks like an awesome dish itself, or to serve over rice, or along side a salad… or by itself! By using our site you accept that we use and share cookies and similar technologies to perform analytics and provide content and ads tailored to your interests. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I eating it now . Transfer to a serving dish when heated through. The secret to a tasty red wine chorizo is to reduce the red wine until it becomes syrupy, adding a generous dollop of honey, so the chorizo gets coated in a lovely sweet red wine syrup. And the Portuguese versions are seasoned differently. Your email address will not be published. Thanks for the story on tapas in Spain too. Plus it’s quick and simple enough to whip up frequently, at a moment’s notice – perfect! Read More…. Love chorizo so this is definitely a must try , Tapas is such a fun, trendy way to eat here in America … but as someone who’s never been to Spain, I really enjoyed your discussion of how tapas is authentically enjoyed there. Delivered monthly to your inbox with all my behind the scenes news, latest posts and giveaways exclusive to my subscribers. They’re fun to make and eat, especially with a gathering of friends. It’s pretty brown without the parsley and peppers. . Potluck Heaven: Butternut Squash, Apple and Cranberry Gratin, How to Make Jalapeno Poppers In The Air Fryer, How to Make Bacon Wrapped Dates in the Air Fryer, How to Make An Apple Cake In The Air Fryer. Whether you pay for the tapas depends on the location. How kind of you to say, Katerina Thank you! I haven’t had a chance to try it. Eating is the easy part. This board features a plethora of ideas that utilize Spain's coveted chorizo. Amazing how much smell enhances our enjoyment of a meal. Place the pan in the preheated oven for 15 minutes. Great combination of ingredients! One to try, and soon too , Your email address will not be published. Even more difficult is to find gluten free tapas as flour and bread crumbs are freely used to thicken sauces and coat fried meats and vegetables. I love Spanish chorizo, just recently cooked with it myself. At least for those of you living in the UK, you can now buy a selection of products online at While the world has been turned on its head and our wings may have been clipped, I’m still travelling with my mind. Please be aware that some links on this website are affiliate links, which means if you click on them and go on to buy a product I may earn a commission.

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