What’s the difference? So how about Spruce? Without stain this fence should last 5-7 years in Oklahoma. Spruce is the most economical choice for fencing, according to the Goodday Fence Co. *, All stockade fences above 350′ receive one FREE wood frame walk-through gate and one FREE wood frame double-drive gate.*. Cedar could last 30 years or more and will stay straight! Email: info@fenceokc.com, Business Hours: 8 – 5 M-F This wood type is very durable and the most fire-resistant wood material that you can buy today. Northern white cedar is rated as being "durable" with a lifespan of between five and 15 years when left untreated. However the pressure treated panels are still susceptible to rot and also have a tendency to warp, twist, and split. We have a fence that will fit any budget. Interesting how some luthiers seem also to have been ambivalent about spruce vs cedar, and to have gone through a ‘cedar phase’. If you are on a strict budget and still want a wood fence, spruce is the way to go. A quality sealer will extend the life and look of your cedar fence. Sometimes, fences are decorative rather than functional. The wood is naturally resistant to decay and insects. We recommend a quality clear sealer for your cedar fence. Cedar vs Spruce. Composites The world of composite fencing may bewilder you. You Are Here: Home ... SPF stands for Spruce Pine Fir, which indicates a mix of the wood types. If you choose spruce, be sure to treat it with a good sealant. Every Cedar fence that Fence OKC builds is built using 2×4 cedar back rails, 5/8″ or 7/8″ thick cedar pickets and each picket is screwed (not nailed) to the rail with coated decking screws. The main selling point is that they are pressure treated to withstand moisture and rot. Treated pickets are most always made from pine typically come in a 4″ picket or a 6″ picket and are available by the picket or the panel. Pros of Cedar Cedar is a softwood, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t durable. They delineate, protect and define a property. It includes commercially popular tress such as firs, hemlocks, larches, pines, cedars, and spruces. Trusted Quality and Expert Craftsmanship since 1979. This is a common choice among builders and is a common “first fence” for a home. Cedar lumber costs more than the fast-growing Southern yellow pine, but it is well worth the extra expense. Lumberyards and home improvement stores regularly offer both spruce and cedar for fencing materials, exterior siding and trim. It can be anywhere from 50 to 80 years old. 1236 NW 4th Street Free Estimates & Consultations Wood or steel posts, and what type of wood for the fence? Please feel free to reach out to us online. So for Fence OKC we think for value, sturdiness, and longevity, a cedar fence wins every time. Generally speaking, this is true, but with many individual exceptions. Finally, some people do not care for the scent of cedar. Preparing Your Fence for Winter: Making it Safe and Waterproof, Know How to File an Insurance Claim for Fence Damages, How Lumber Tariffs Are Impacting the Fence Industry, My Fence Fell Down…What Now? In my experience, most buyers prefer cedar tops over spruce tops, not because they have done A/B comparison tests, but mostly because of what they have been told by others. Within those varieties there are different grades but we will discuss the pros and cons of  Treated Pine, Spruce, and Cedar fence pickets. A cedar fence is a value whether you plan on staying at your current home for years to come or  as a selling point for the potential buyer if you plan on selling. A Long Island NY Fence Company specializing in PVC Vinyl Fence, Aluminum Estate Fence, All Wood Spruce and Cedar Fence including Post and Rail Fence, Custom Wood Fence, Picket Fence, Chain Link Fence, Gate installation, Pergolas and Arbors. This is especially a concern for people living in damp climates. September 28, 2012 11:06 am | A1 Fence | Types of Fences. Cedar is far less susceptible to rot and ages much better than Spruce or Pine. In addition, many people don’t find the wood to be very attractive. Cedar fences should last 20+ years in Oklahoma. Cedar is also prized for its attractive appearance. Cedar wood fences tend to last longer than pressure treated pine board fences. If you choose spruce, be sure to treat it with a good sealant. The primary con of cedar is that it is expensive compared to many other fencing materials. 10.09.2016 When choosing a wood fence most of us are faced with cedar and pressure treated pine. Vinyl PVC Fence, Wooden Fence, Post &  Fence, Picket Fence and Chain Link Fence installed or repaired on Long Island’s Nassau and Suffolk counties.

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