Sep 28, 2016 - Learn about the harvesting of English walnuts, from how to tell when they're ready for harvesting to how to safely store them for up to one year. Named cultivars are propagated by whip grafting or T-budding onto one-year old seedlings of Juglans nigra (black walnut) or J. regia (common or English walnut) How they look may differ depending on the amount of water they receive throughout the growing season, making it more difficult to determine when they are mature. When the When to pick English walnuts depends on a few different factors, but mainly their appearance. Iā€™m going to share with you a secret on how to harvest black walnuts the easy Grandma way. Harvest your walnuts when they are at peak ripeness and flavor. Raw walnuts come into maturity from late September to early October. When you purchase walnuts at the grocery store, you likely have bought English walnuts. Walnuts are difficult to raise from cuttings as rooting is poor Grafting. Black walnuts have a yellow-green husk that turns dark brown as it ages. Processing The outer green husk is removed by a huller and the nut is mechanically dehydrated (air-dried) to the optimum 8% moisture level. It's important to harvest walnuts as soon as they fall to the ground. How To Harvest Black Walnuts Every fall when we went to visit my Grandma, she would have us pick up all the walnuts that had fallen to the ground around a big old walnut tree she had in her backyard. English walnuts ā€” the most commonly cultivated variety ā€” grow in USDA plant hardiness zones 4 through 9. Depending on where you live in that range, expect harvest time to fall between late August and early October. Not only does growing your own walnuts tend to be more cost-efficient, it also allows you to control the growth and cultivation conditions of the walnuts ā€¦ They are about two inches in diameter and fall to the ground when they're ready to harvest, which is September to October for most of the United States. Commercial growers avoid raising the native species, black walnuts, because they have tougher shells, less meat and are more difficult to grow. The walnuts are carefully swept into windrows to allow mechanical harvesters to pick them up for cleaning.

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