In the previous part, of this chapter, you learned about Natural Resources and their types. Mention three ways by which atmosphere regulates the average temperature on earth? Q2. Humus makes the soil porous and allows water and air to penetrate deep underground making the soil more fertile. Economics Chapter 1 Development – Notes & Study Material, Geography Chapter 6 Manufacturing Industries – Notes & Study Material. Nitrogen Fixation is carried out by the following ways: b. Nitrification: It is the process by which ammonia is converted into nitrites and nitrates. Name the various organisms involved in nitrogen cycle. Thus, the amount of carbon dioxide, so formed, is almost equal to the amount of carbon dioxide consumed & hence, its concentration in air remains same. So, carbon takes up various forms: glucose in plants, carbon dioxide in the air and hydrocarbons like coal. Last Updated on March 20, 2019 By Mrs Shilpi Nagpal Leave a Comment. The levels of carbon are at an all-time high, largely due to human activities. Evaporation: Water on earth changes to vapour due to sun’s heat and rises above. Combustion: Burning of fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide gas into the environment as by product. These notes can be really helpful while preparing for the CBSE Class 9 Science Exam. By bacteria- Molecular nitrogen is converted into nitrates and nitrites by free living bacteria or the bacteria like Rhizobium present in the root nodules of legumes. In this part, you will learn about resources like Soil, water. Filed Under: Class 9, Natural resources Tagged With: carbon, carbon cycle, combined form of carbon, elemental form of carbon, photosynthesis. Q10. But the very simple version of the carbon cycle is, okay, you have this atmospheric carbon dioxide, molecular carbon dioxide, hanging out in the air. The main causes of water pollution are as follows: (i) Addition of harmful substances like fertilisers and pesticides to water(ii) Removal of desirable substances like oxygen from water(iii) Change in water temperature. What role do the oceans play in the carbon cycle? What does the presence of smog in an area indicate? Water is known as ‘A Wonder Liquid’. Removal of useful components from the soil and addition of other substances, which adversely affect the fertility of the soil and kill micro-organisms living in it is called soil pollution. Acid rain is caused by the release of the gases like SO2 (sulphur dioxide) and NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) released from the emission of vehicles and combustion of fuels. THE INCREDIBLE CARBON JOURNEY . The carbon cycle is influenced by living things, atmospheric changes, ocean chemistry, and geologic activity are all part of this cycle. (1) The photosynthetic plants of forest and ocean,chemosynthetic bacteria uses sunlight in the presence of chlorophyll to trap carbon into. Here you get the CBSE Class 9 Science chapter 8, Natural Resources: Chapter Notes (Part-II). It was a movement started to conserve forests. (2) The photosynthesis convert carbon dioxide from atmosphere or dissolved in water into glucose.These glucose molecules are either converted into other substances or used to provide energy for synthesis of other biologically important molecules. Q6. This keeps the Earth warm and the phenomenon is known greenhouse effect. The carbon cycle is the cycle by which carbon moves through our Earth’s various systems. c. Photosybthesis: Carbon dioxide gas from atmosphere is absorbed by green plants in the presence of sunlight to form carbohydrates and oxygen. nitrous oxide. sugar(fats and sugars).The trapped carbon comes from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The movement was led by Shri. When fossil fuels are burned, carbon that had been underground is sent into the air as carbon dioxide, a … Your email address will not be published. Carbon is used by plants to build leaves and stems, which are then digested by animals and used for cellular growth. carbon dioxide. All living things are made of carbon. Thus, oxygen is liberated in atmosphere. They have no role. Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxide and Chlorofuorocarbans present in atmosphere prevent the escape of heat falling on Earth’s surface rather than absorbing it. Why is the nitrogen cycle supposed to be an ideal cycle in the biosphere? List three human activities responsible for the pollution of water bodies? The single most important step we can take to slow global warming is to decrease _____ emissions. In the atmosphere, carbon is attached to some oxygen in a gas called carbon dioxide. And you have autotrophs like plants. Compounds like CFCs (Chloro fluorocarbons) reacts with ozone releasing molecular oxygen resulting in breakdown of ozone, which is termed as ozone depletion. Oceans and the Carbon Cycle Part A: Down to the Deep - The Ocean's Biological Pump. Removal of the topmost layer of soil by wind, water or other activities is called soil erosion. (3) Then by respiration,both consumers and producers return carbon dioxide to atmosphere. It is formed from the weathering of rocks by physical, chemical and biological activities by the action of wind, water and sun. Q3. (1) Carbondioxide in atmosphere carbonates Also Read: CBSE Class 9 Science Chapter Notes - All Chapters, This website uses cookie or similar technologies, to enhance your browsing experience and provide personalised recommendations. Your email address will not be published. State various steps and processes involved in the nitrogen cycle in nature. List any three human activities which would lead to an increase in the carbon dioxide content of air. (4) The combustion of fossil fuels(Coal,petroleum) during cooking,heating,transportation,industrial processes adds carbon dioxide to atmosphere. LEARNING OBJECTIVE Students will: • Develop a better understanding of the carbon cycle. 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