If calving date is more than 55 days from feed balance date, supplement may be needed to manage any early spring feed deficit. They are calving date, stocking rate, BCS at calving and pasture cover at calving. A good calving pattern for first calvers has 75% calved by week 3, and 92% calved by week 6. No need to carry a chart in your pocket or pickup. If this is not the case; cow condition and heat detection practices should be reviewed, and appropriate action taken. font size decrease font size increase font size; Print; Email; Greg Hamill. Does feeding zeolite pre-calving improve reproduction? 1-Jan 10-Oct 1-Feb 10-Nov 1-Mar 8-Dec 1-Apr 8-Jan 1-May 7-Feb 1-Jun 10-Mar 2-Jan 11-Oct 2-Feb 11-Nov 2-Mar … After the primary areas are addressed have the cows checked for non-cycling. Agri-giants merger ripples NZ. Gestation Table for Cattle you can print as well as USDA market news, sale reports, classified ads, ranch listings and news for livestock breeders. Late calving cows are hard to get in calf because they have very little recovery time until mating starts. However, they must be used correctly to make sure they assist the cow and do not harm her or her calf. The table below outlines the probable chance a cow has in getting in calf in the first six weeks or her chance of being empty based on the amount of recovery time she has between calving and mating. Historically calving dates were 10-14 days later than what we currently calve. It was easy to fill this hole with supplement when payout is at +$7/kgMS, but with the wet July we have had and the predicted long term payout levels, many farmers are now reviewing their calving start date to decrease their reliance on purchasing in supplement in the early spring. Management of reproduction throughout the year is important to achieve a high 6-week in-calf rate. ... Deluge to hit NZ: Where and when the rain will strike. During calving many farmers focus on matching cow dry matter (DM) requirements with grass growth rates to ensure their feed budgets sustain them through to September/October when growth rates match feed intake. This means that your vet should be consulted about current recommendations and programmes. Fertility Focus report calving pattern: First calving cows need an extra one to two weeks to start cycling post calving, so yearling heifers should be mated one to two weeks earlier than cows. Animal management is a critical component of farm profitability and sustainability. LONG DAYS: During calving dairy farmers are up at 5am checking cows and their work day often does not finish until well after dark . This is achieved by lengthening the rotation in late autumn and winter, beyond the time taken to grow three new leaves. Date of Service Calf Due Date of Service Calf Due Date of Service Calf Due Date of Service Calf Due Date of Service Calf Due Date of Service Calf Due. With calving almost over and mating on the horizon it's time to have a review of one of the most significant decisions you will make for next season, calving date. Pasture growth data Surplus management Managing Pugging Damage Pasture renewal ... at calving and meet the feed requirements of the milking herd. Will feeding starch-based supplements improve reproduction? Mating start and finish dates are the first place to start with addressing a calving pattern. To do an accurate assessment of this, feed budgets from autumn to spring are essential. From research and the services we provide, to education, policy and the Dairy Industry Strategy, there's so much to discover in this section. Cows need to calve at least 6 weeks, and heifers up to 9 weeks before mating start date. Conception rates for these inventions are typically lower because these are often the first heats post-calving.

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