For over 950,000 charts and voicings, grab an account. From Rock, Blues, Country, Fingerstyle.. to Gospel, Funk, Metal, and R&B.. Level up your playing with our skill-based lessons, dedicating to solving common pain points. Guitar Chord C#m. 12frxx1132Barre 2 with Finger 1EBG#D#. For today’s lesson we’re going to be focusing on the C sharp minor chord. Songs with this chord C#m (C#min, C#-) C sharp minor. 1froxx132EG#C#E. Stop struggling. The C#7 doesn’t often get a lot of play, but it’s worth adding to your repertoire to serve as a game-changer to shake up a … Learn about our guitar lessons and courses or unlock them all. This voicing of C#m is based on the visual shape of the "open" Em chord. The notes that a … The E minor key is probably the most played in all of rock ‘n’ roll. C Sharp Minor Chord Charts for Guitar, Free & Printable. This "power chord" voicing for C#m is commonly used in metal. Learn the 15 easy ways to play the C# Minor guitar chord with chord charts. A. Thankfully, that's nothing a bit of knowledge and … 6frxx1124Barre 2 with … Blog and editorial topics for aspiring guitarists. New courses from our catalog. Songs with this chord C#m9 (C#min9, C#-9) C sharp minor ninth. Free All Access + JamTrack Packs. What is a C Sharp Minor Chord? Make a barre with your first finger on the fourth fret. Comments. C#m - G#m - A / Dbm - Abm - A. That's one way to play the chord. Articles, product reviews, and biographies of legendary players. Want to learn other chords? C#m barre 2nd. C#m. Put your second finger on the sixth fret of the fifth string. We cover 20 genres! A. This "power chord" voicing for C#m is commonly used in metal. be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page. 9fr111143Barre 5 with Finger 1G#EBC#D#G#. Theory of the C#m / Dbm chord. The C#m guitar chord can also be played in other tunings: Input the notes and find out the name of the chord, a popular app. The C sharp diminished chord (just like all diminished chords ) contains the following intervals (starting from the root note): minor 3rd, minor 3rd, tritone (which leads back to the root note). How to play a G# Minor chord on the guitar. We are only showing you a handful of chord charts for this voicing. This is our most popular guide and it will improve your chord ability quickly. Play all six strings. The root, a minor third, and a perfect fifth: In addition to being the root of G# Minor, it is also the vi chord of … ... And F sharp minor … Black Friday Savings - Our Best Offers Ever From the Beatles to Megadeth, our catalog features tons of songs to learn in various genres. Mostly because standard tuning of the guitar has a low E note. But if you're just getting started, there is an easier way that's just as valid. This version of the Cm guitar chord is a little bass-heavy, but it’s very easy to make the chord shape and less fiddly to strum than the above version. Save up to $100 + Extras Add TrueFire and BassClick to View All Offers. This abbreviated form of a C#m barre chord is played in second inversion. A very guitar friendly key in my opinion is the key of E major. Put your third finger on the sixth fret of the fourth string. C#m and Dbm (C sharp and D flat minor) are the same chord, but they change theirs name depending on the key they are played in. The root note is located on the fifth string. has been a leading provider of guitar education, entertainment, and resources since 2007. Learn 20 different voicings of the C#m chord on guitar with printable chord charts. Click to Save Big on Memberships and Get Huge Bonuses. CHORD-C — Connecting People With Chords. C# Minor Guitar Chord - also known as C#m chord, C#min chord, C#- chord  Skip to blind accessible version of C-sharp Minor guitar chord. Sharp Note C# rootWhole Note E b3rdSharp Note G# 5thWhole Note B b7thSharp Note D# 9th. 9frxx1324ED#C#B. Use your microphone and tune your guitar without leaving your browser. If you are looking for the C#m chord in other tunings, In music, chords are broken up into two main categories, major and minor. I really like this key because I can mix and match chords from the relative minor C-sharp minor but also the parallel minor which is E minor. For over 950,000 charts and voicings, grab an account. 5frxx1324EBED#. Email or Username? The C# minor chord features a barre across all six strings at the 9th fret. C#m or Dbm chord. G# Minor is a minor triad, three notes stacked on top of one another. Playing the C#7 Guitar Chord. Courses from 90 world-class teachers, over 6,000 on-demand guitar lessons, live guitar courses, and a full suite of teaching tools. [C#m F#m A#m G# C# A G#m F# D G E B D#] Chords for Nocturne in C-sharp Minor (Guitar and Piano) - Chopin with capo transposer, play along with guitar, piano, ukulele & mandolin. Start making music. You'll find it featured prominently in songs like Steely Dan's Don't Take Me Alive, but there is a small catch. Try in a chord progression. Major and minor chords can be broken down into 12 different keys. The C Minor chord -- C, Eb, and G -- is going to come in handy over the course of your guitar playing career. C#m (capo 4) C#m barre 1st. View all recent releases or join to access them all. Guitar Chord C#m9. 50%, C#m Guitar Chord in Half Step Down Tuning, C#m Guitar Chord in Full Step Down Tuning. A C sharp minor chord, is simply: A minor chord in the key of C Sharp. This version of the C# minor chord is played with the A minor shape at the 4th fret. Learn 12 beginner-friendly versions of every chord.

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