If you want a mic for a specific job, then try lots of mics and pick the one that you can afford that works on your source. ... sounded pretty harsh in samples i heard while i know the nt2a is smoother so that could be good idk. Anyway, eventually we got them plugged in and made some test recordings. The U87 will get you the closest sound to the source as possible, which is fantastic for producers to work with, and will get across all the subtleties in your glorious voice. It needs a driver to run through USB, but that software gives you lots of control over stuff like the volume levels and the buffer settings. Back to Product List. Small differences on paper can make big differences in use, so you really do have to try and see (and hear, obviously). No items to compare. Another plus if you are setting up your studio, is that the NT1 comes with an integrated shock mount and pop-shield, so you don’t have to go shopping around for extra bits. I’m using the opportunity to look at the similarities and differences between a couple of different products from different manufacturers with a view to considering how to choose a mic, not which of the two comes-out on top. The Rode NT1-A is a true condenser mic featuring an internally shock-mounted 1” capsule with gold plated diaphragm, cardioid polar pattern and transformerless output circuitry. 1,976 word post, approx. Andi Picker helpsyou select a perfect all-rounder.First things first, although this feature includes two microphones, don’t expect a “shootout” format and don’t expect a “winner”. It’s a little known fact that Sennheiser actually own the Neumann company, and the MK4 diaphragm capsule was designed by the same team who built the Neumann U87. … 2020 © Copyright The Voice Finder.com. January 10, 2016. Right there! As a added bonus, the Rode K2 will fit the shock mount as well! The Sennheiser in its initial position was just not as exciting, but moving it a little closer boosted the proximity effect and a re-position to point it more directly at the cone added the required bite. No EQ needed - brilliant. Rode NT2-A is switchable between omni, figure of eight and cardioid patterns 5. The microphone itself is a fairly traditional looking unit of just over 300g with a satin finish on a fairly narrow body and has a dual-layer basket protecting the capsule, and I noticed that the earth pin on the XLR socket on the base is elongated to make sure that the earth connection makes first and breaks last which helps to protect the mic electronics against static. Updated 9/6/19. Rode NT2-A Studio Condenser Microphone. It’s wider and shorter than the Rode and weighs-in at just under 500g. All rights Reserved. Sennheiser’s Mk4 microphone comes with a flexible stand mount (a shock-mount is available separately) and a soft cover. We decided to evaluate a number of popular shotgun microphones and we came up with the following list: Sennheiser MKE 600, Audio Technica AT897, Rode NTG2 and Rode NTG3. And there is the secret to choosing a mic. read ... not familiar with double bass for classical. You wouldn’t send a fireman to work without a top quality hose. The MK4 is a … The only thing people seem to be able to find wrong with it is the price, but as the old adage goes, “ You get what you pay for”. Like, an arm and a leg and maybe a kidney expensive. I’m really not a singer at all and the process is quite painful - the results more so. Both microphones are robust enough, quiet enough, sensitive enough and neutral enough to be used on just about anything you might want to record. The Sennheiser kit comes with the stellar ME 2-II and I really like these microphones, they sound fantastic. Warranty is 2 years. Either may be better for you out-of-the-box, but in the time that I lived with them both mics did everything asked of them, and there was no area where an inch or so of movement or a dB or so of EQ didn’t make them fit. January 10, 2016. Sennheiser MKE 400 Vs Rode VideoMic Pro Conclusion In general, Sennheiser MKE 400 is more recommended. You can buy a cheaper microphone for sure, especially if you are just getting started, but you will notice the difference when you hear this bad boy. The results here were noticeably different - the Rode has a slight boost just above the 100Hz mark and in this case it brought-out a slight muddiness in my voice.

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