There are numerous designs for automotive glass fuses. Bussmann Fuses Class: Fuse Part Number Series ¼"X1-1/4" Fast Acting Fuse: ABC: ¼"X1-1/4" Fast Acting Fuse: AGC: ¼"X1" Fast Acting Fuse: AGX: Automotive Blade Fuse: ATC: 13/32" x 1-3/8" Fast Acting Fuse: EBS: Class "H" Renewable Fuse Links 250 V: ERN: Class "H" Renewable Fuse Links 600 V: ERS: Class "H" Renewable Fuses 250V: ELNE Most American vehicles went away from glass fusesin 1982. selection of Bussmann® series fuses and fuse blocks to meet precise overcurrent protection needs. We are a licensed distributor for Bussmann, LittelFuse, Ferraz Shawmut, GE Medium Voltage Fuses, Wickmann, Santronics and Edison Fuses, and we also carry a full array of accessories such as blocks, holders, clip clamps and pullers to support the installation and maintenance of our fuses. 9-11 (optimum (dual-element, LPS-RK_SP 600V Unequaled for combined overcurrent time-delay) short … SFE stands for Society of F… Refer to the FUSE SELECTION GUIDE section for guidance on making the proper choice. You can also follow some basic strategies for determining its traits. SFE – These are the original glass fusesfor automotive use. These fuses are rated for 32v DC and cover from 4 amps up to 30. Slow-burn fuses, like the MDL type, are timed fuses. Whether it’s glass tube, low voltage or high speed fuses or fuse blocks needed for an application, you can use this FuseFinder quick cross reference guide to find the Bussmann … Start by examining the bottom of the fuse where the tube is sealed by metal. Catalog Fuse part numbers include series identification and amperage ratings. fuses and fuse blocks to meet your overcurrent protection needs. Buss Fuse Selection Chart (600 Volts or Less) Circuit Load Ampere Fuse Symbol Voltage Interrupting Remarks Rating Type Rating (a-c) Class Rating Page (KA) Conventional Dimensions—Class RK1, RK5 (0-600A), L (601-6000A) All type loads 0-600A LOW-PEAK®LPN-RK_SP 250V RK1†† 300 All-purpose fuses. 10 • The Bussmann series Low-Peak fuse system 11 • The NEC and “Fuse only ratings” 13 • Test conditions for a 300 kA interrupting rated fuse 16 • Selective coordination 26 • Exceptions in the code for applying supplemental OCPDs 35 To identify the type of fuse you need to replace, you could refer to a fuse identification chart. size fuse shown in the chart is the 5AG, or “MIDGET,” a name adopted from its use by the electrical industry and the National Electrical Code range which normally recognizes fuses of 9/16”× 2” as the smallest standard fuse in use. Fuse Identification Chart. If you need to find a replacement to another manufacturer’s glass tube, low voltage branch or supplementary or high speed fuse, or fuse block or holder, use this quick cross reference FuseFinder to identify the Bussmann series replacement. • Single-phasing…does it have issues with fuses? Rerating: For 25ºC ambient temperatures, it is recommended that fuses be operated at no more than 75% of the nominal current rating established using the controlled test conditions. SFE and AG* type fuses are fast-blow fuses, they pop as soon as there is more draw than they are rated for.

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