(If you prefer imperial measures, allow for this as 150 by 100 yards - close enough). I mean, it’s basically population density, but it’s separating population and area and then comparing the two. Government. The closest bodies of land are Greenland in the west (290 km (180 mi) from coast to coast) and the Faroe Islands in the southeast (470 km (290 mi)), an autonomous part of the Kingdom of Denmark north of Scotland, UK. While countries such as Norway, United States, Chile, United Kingdom, Poland and Australia all have bases there and land claims, the continent is still not recognised by the United Nations as an actual country. Or a little less than 4 acres each. This category is all about the functioning of the government machinery. 's (2013) population density estimate of 0.005 individuals per km 2. So it’s easy to conquer – simply get yourself a sturdy boat, leave from the south tip of Chile, Argentina or South Africa and plant your flag when you arrive. If habitable land area of Sahulland was 9,418,730.8 km 2, we estimate human population size during this period to be approximately 47,000 individuals, using Williams et al. The land area of the Earth is just under 150 million square kilometres. This implies that if you are looking for the co-ordinates or map references of countries, the land area, climate, boundaries, terrain, natural resources or coastlines, your search ends here. Bir Tawil (/ b ɪ r ˈ t ɑː w ɪ l / (); Egyptian Arabic: بير طويل ‎, romanized: Bīr Ṭawīl, lit. Allowing for 10 billion people and half the land area being 'habitable', we get 15,000 square metres per person. From Herald Daily is this giganto view of land mass and population size by country.. I’m not sure how I feel about this one. TOP STATS: Land area > Square miles, Area > Comparative, Climate and 102 more. From this, the combined habitable land areas of Eurasia, Africa and the Australian landmass are estimated as 76,959,712.4 km2. The UN value of 539 km 2 (208 sq mi) refers to habitable area only and excludes the country's central forest reserve. Land area: is the aggregate of all land within international boundaries and coastlines, excluding water area. An area of 150 metres by 100 metres.

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