Blues Guitar Chords Open C Major Chord (I Chord). In G minor, the 4 chord would be C minor. That subtle change (adding a Bb... F Major (IV Chord). Another chord used in blues progressions is known as the 4 chord, also called the subdominant. Mute string 6 Let's Blues It Up!. Basic I7-IV7-V7 Blues. In our key of G major, that would be C major. F7 Bar Chord. In blues, the 1 chord is always the same as the key name. Standard 12 Bar Blues in C It isn't necessary to play E as a dominant chord, it is also possible to play regularly E majors. The final chord in typical blues progressions is the 5 chord, also called the dominant. Standard 12 Bar Blues in E This is one of the most common progressions. Mute strings 2 and 6 Hear the difference between those two chords? This blues form is a basic 12 bar blues, utilizing only three chords: the I7, IV7, … Just one note makes quite the difference, no?

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