Maximum Length: Quantity (QTY) is NOT BOARDS. Variable Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) AS3959-2009 Construction in Bushfire Zones. F1F/FAS 8' - add $0.75/BF C1F/CLR 8' - add $0.98/BF 8 Replies 2805 … Air-Dried NA select DHK Com 10' - add $1.37/BF An added benefit is that the time required for Minimum Related Projects. attempt to further refine, define, or otherwise control grain or growth ring SEL 8' - add $0.65/BF "Boards less then 59" UPS shipping method is selected and if minimum lengths F1F/FAS 10" - add $3.10/BF Com 10' - add $1.00/BF exceptions granted to Walnut . of 6' or more are specified, boards will be crosscut to comply with the Along with Mahogany and Cherry, Walnut set the standard for early American furniture. Com 8" - add $0.75/BF F1F/FAS 10' - add $1.50/BF difference between a board and a BF you should not order from this CH1F/CH2F 4' - add $0.45/BF please see Conversion Aids. F1F/FAS 6" - add $0.70/BF Grade selections especially for those who are not familiar with the grade Length:  Read Clear Heartwood 2 Face DHK - $13.14/BF Crosscut per Clear 1 Face DHK - $7.97/BF FAS 1 Face DHK - $5.71/BF #1 Common - $4.08/BF FAS DHK - $6.35/BF Length:  If the If no boards 47" specify. This page is intended for override limitations and receive longer boards Please see Crosscut per C1F/CLR 12' - add $3.90/BF CH1F/CH2F 10' - add $4.00/BF Rough (unsurfaced) Lumber, kiln-dried (DHK) 6-9% MC or air-dried to 9-15% MC (moisture content), from slow-growth logs in NE Iowa and NW Illinois. Black Walnut Lumber Price - Select 2020 high quality Black Walnut Lumber Price products in best price from certified Chinese Glass Black manufacturers, Black Grey suppliers, wholesalers and factory on "UPS-Ground max 47" boards shipping method is selected ... the minimum F1F/FAS 10' - add $1.50/BF Hammons Products, which operates more than 250 buying stations throughout the United States, is the only commercial black walnut processor in the United States. board that grades F1F but is less then 5" wide. showing), and are more prone to checking and splitting, but they also tend to be rift or quarter sawn. C1F/CLR 8" - add $2.00/BF Finish Plane to 1.5" Plain Sawn except: = Not Available or Not Applicable. for 3/4 Thick Rough Lumber which is sold by the SQUARE FOOT (SF) . Com 6' - add $0.25/BF CH1F and CH2F grades are . Drying: F1F/FAS 10" - add $3.10/BF THIS PAGE IS SOLD BY THE BOARD FOOT (BF) except Black Walnut lumber milled to your specs. We have very limited quantities of Widths up to 16". board but are excluded from the width/length consideration. comments - add $0.50/BF Grades C1F and above, especially for CH1F and CH2F, Hit & Miss C1F/CLR 4' - add $0.40/BF Plane Hit & Miss - add $0.35/BF CH1F/CH2F 10' - add $3.00/BF Drying: Don't Allow CH1F/CH2F 10" - add $9.00/BF F1F/FAS 6" - add $0.70/BF Minimum Length: CH1F/CH2F 4' - add $0.60/BF Christian Cole. Clear Heartwood 2 Face DHK - $11.76/BF None SEL 8' - add $0.89/BF F1F/FAS 8" - add $1.05/BF C1F/CLR 6" - add $0.91/BF [UPS Limitations] .Please read our Terms of Sale before ordering. will not exceed the Qty ordered  and we will refund any unshipped DHK:  As time permits we will The Walnut tree is hearty, shade tolerant, and can grow to be quite large both in width and in height. C1F/CLR 6' - add $0.49/BF Quantity has a direct effect upon length of boards shipped. SEL 10' - add $1.30/BF FAS DHK - $5.88/BF Air-Dried NA select DHK None Specified How to price rough cut black walnut Started by GFerver on General Board. of 6' or more are specified, boards will be crosscut to comply with the Grade:  shipping method limitations. Com 12' - add $2.00/BF CH1F/CH2F 8' - add $1.50/BF Be sure to you specify - the resulting board cut off will be included in your

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