The gathering parts of the campaign were not my favorite parts, but after playing the Trials I realized it was probably because I was just doing the same thing every time. Lots of fun if you liked the gathering parts of the main game. 0. and trophies come easily. I love this game but I really don't want to be disappointed with a DLC that finishes prematurely. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews ... Protector's Trial is a challenge mode that will unlock some artwork, unused story boards, and unlocks Master Protector gene tonic for Minerva's Den. As a nice bonus you do unlock some extras after earning three stars (trailers, concept art, animatics, etc.) BioShock 2: Protector Trials at I enjoyed this DLC because it puts you into situation you don't encounter in the game. I downloaded it cheap awhile back but I haven't found time to play it yet. Its more of a mini story rather than a trial series. October 9, 2010 in Protector Trials. You are given a specific loadout of weapons and plasmids to utilize while your Little Sister goes about her job.Your goal is to capture as much ADAM as possible, and the task can sometimes be difficult, but not impossible. Share Share Tweet Email. SidooRabbit, If you like to organise traps and fight several waves of ennemies, you will like it. The Protector Trials run much the same way Spec Ops do in Call of Duty. 9 posts in this topic. Thought it was awesome Its only a couple of hours long and only needs one playthrough to get all the trophies though, so dont expect anything too long. I see Minerva's Den is a good buy but I'm wondering about this DLC... is it any better than Bioshock 1's Protector Trials? Between this and Minerva's Den I'd choose the latter, but this DLC should not be overlooked. Judging by all the replies here, I might have to get this DLC. Sign up for a new account in our community. For almost the price of *gasp* a gallon of gas, definitely worth buying. Each trial is only preceeded with a radio message from Tanenbaum to the effect of how important it is collect ADAM to defeat Sophia Lamb. “You receive the call: Tenenbaum desperately needs you to steal as much ADAM as possible, to help thwart Sofia Lamb's insane plan. However here you only get a very limited selection of weapons, ammo, tonics, and plasmids, which change for each trial, forcing you to come up with different strategies each time. I bought it and I very much enjoyed it. Minerva's Den is a story based dlc. It only has three levels, but the levels are rather large. Minerva' den is one of the best, if not the best DLC for any game ever. For those who did not, well this DLC may not be for you. Also if you enjoy combat & fighting a range of enemies that come in waves then you will love this. Only the bonus ones allow you to use any plasmid/tonic/weapon that you want. Blood, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Intense Violence, Black Friday Video Game Deals Are Live Now, Star Wars: Everything We Know About George Lucas' Abandoned Sequel Trilogy, The 18 Best Black Friday Video Game Deals, Spider-Man: Miles Morales Names a Street After Chadwick Boseman, Updated: The Best Black Friday Sales and Deals from Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, The Mandalorian: Season 2, Episode 5 Review, Batman Reveals the Ultimate Truth About Joker, These are the Best Over Ear Headphones for Total Aural Immersion, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. By continuing past this page, you agree to abide by the Terms of Service. What: Released this week, on Tuesday August 3, was the first batch of singeplayer DLC for the hit Bioshock 2. The Protector Trials run much the same way Spec Ops do in Call of Duty. Bioshock 2: The Protector Trials DLC Review. Protector trials question. Although the title only released in February of this year, Bioshock 2 has already received four sets of downloadable content, … By Protector trials question Sign in to follow this . It's easy! ... You're limited to specific plasmids, tonics, and weapons in most of the Protector Trials. No, there isn't much replayability here, but contrary to what someone posted above (who must've mistaken the Protector Trials DLC for another game), there really isn't any kind of story. Again i thought this was a quality DLC, & as someone else said one of the things i liked the most is the trials force you to use different combinations of weapons & plasmids you may not usually you an insight into how other gamers with different play styles may of approached the main game. Metacritic Game Reviews, BioShock 2: Protector Trials for PC, You receive the call: Tenenbaum desperately needs you to steal as much ADAM as possible, … I still need to play this DLC. With the increased challenge, though, also comes an increased sense of reward. Im not sure if you can turn off vita chambers though... Not bad, though may not as good as tower defense (lol). PlayStation Trophies is not affiliated with Sony or PlayStation, it is owned and run by Resero Network Ltd. All other registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. You die, you start the trial over again. I was skeptical about this DLC, but I really enjoyed it. You have to make the most out of your plasmids. Despite only being a relatively recent feature, downloadable content has proved popular with developers and players in extending a game’s lifespan; whether it’s a simple map pack for the game’s online capabilities or a new in-depth storyline.

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