Alfred Dean’s 1959 record … Biggest Marlin Ever Caught Biggest Marlin Ever Caught. World's largest marlin -- 4,500 pounds -- landed in Cabo San Lucas And it is tail-walking on a cement pedestal for all the world to see -- all 4,500 pounds. But Osiel Arteaga Aguilar’s catch, after his 24-foot skiff had been towed six miles offshore in blustery conditions, also generated some much-needed excitement for a fishing community sidelined by the COVID-19 pandemic. Marlin Magazine may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. “When we started pulling it onboard the boat almost tipped over and took on a lot of water, but we managed.”. The powerful billfish ran and the chase was on to avoid having the reel spooled. Choosing Your Fishing Gear Correctly. The biggest Atlantic Blue Marlin caught weighed in at 1402 pounds. They saw the head, then shoulders then half the body emerge from the water in a powerful thrust of a massive black marlin – the moment was suspended in time.”. “What do you do when a massive whale decides to surface right next to your boat? Location: Ceduna, Australia. The humpback whale was encountered during an all-day. “I’ve got a draughtboard shark,” Billie informs her mom, Abby Gilbert, who is capturing the rescue on video. “But according to Osiel, they managed to get half the fish up over the side of the boat, then put a rope around the tail and swung it clockwise so the belly of the fish was across the middle of the panga with the head sticking out one side and the tail the other.”. Sportfishing is allowed only for personal consumption, but the enormous marlin caught on May 17 provided sustenance for dozens of townspeople. A replica of the largest marlin ever caught and written about recently "landed" at the marina entrance of the Cultural Pavillion of the Republic next to Pisces Sportfishing in Cabo San Lucas, Baja Mexico., Who is Grand Admiral Thrawn? The Mandalorian's new villain, explained, Yeah, college sports is most certainly making the pandemic worse, NFL bold prediction for Week 12: Taysom Hill, Saints headed for an upset vs. the Broncos, Baby Yoda is no longer Baby Yoda, actually has a name in latest 'Mandalorian', Ron Rivera confirms Washington Fumblerooski play vs. Cowboys was inspired by 'Little Giants', Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. It was dark when the anglers reached the dock, and a giant crowd was present when they unloaded the marlin. The accompanying video shows Billie Rea reaching carefully into a tide pool and picking up a small but hefty shark, which she identifies in the footage. A Bonnier Corporation Company. Location: Cabo Blanco, Peru Notes: Glassell Jr. of Houston boated this... Pacific Blue Marlin. How To. Updated: March 28, 2019. Massive billfish is the largest blue marlin caught off Kona, Hawaii, since 1992. The biggest commercailly caught marlin (from the same article) was 1106 kg, which is 2433 pounds. The massive billfish, caught by … Many people claim that Marlin fishing is the most exhilarating form of offshore game fishing since these fish can get so large and difficult to land. The Biggest Marlin Ever Caught. According to Paulo, it took him nearly 80 minutes to haul it in. Copyright © 2020 Marlin Magazine. Fishing was slow and the windswept ocean was not safe, so they began the long voyage home. Arteaga, 45, was interviewed over the weekend by Tracy Ehrenberg, whose family runs Pisces Sportfishing in Cabo San Lucas. 4. This week a giant fish caught over on the mainland of Mexico, at Barra de Navidad, Jalisco, went barely perceived, but the massive Black Marlin was the biggest ever caught in the area and we had a chance to speak with the angler, Osiel Arteaga Aguilar and get all the details. Date: April 21, 1959. “They kept their gear in the water and when they were seven miles offshore they caught a small striped marlin, which was handled quickly, then they continued to head back home,” Ehrenberg stated in a report on the catch. Boats. “Nevertheless, he felt very satisfied at having caught the biggest fish of his life and to be able to help the people of his town during this difficult time.”, –Images courtesy of Osiel Arteaga Aguilar and  Vidal Dávalos, via Pisces Sportfishing, Sign up for the For The Win newsletter to get our top stories in your inbox every morning. With all due respect to your imagination, we wouldn’t blame you for underestimating how impressive these beasts really were. More Travel. While there have been bigger marlin landed commercially and by recreational anglers not in accordance with IGFA rules, pictured in the following gallery are the leading big fish, officially speaking. New Boats of 2021. Did you ever wonder what the biggest fish ever caught looked like? The accompanying footage, captured by Mark Girardeau, shows the whale surfacing just inches from the 36-foot boat, generating an almost euphoric collective response. Travel. Oregon Inlet: A Diamond in the Mid-Atlantic. Ehrenberg told For The Win Outdoors that Arteaga and two deckhands, Jesus Benjamin Samora and Jose Alfredo Zamora, had ventured 24 miles to sea a day after landing a 176-pound blue marlin. Special thanks to the IGFA for providing the photos. According to Wikipedia, the biggest sport-caught blue marlin was an 1805 pounder taken by a group of people in Hawaii (Being caught by a group rather than one person would disqualify it from being a world record.) Largest blue ever caught by a women on the planet, and potential new Atlantic record that will beat a 30-plus-year-old record.” Chasing hooked marlin with a boat is routine. At 1,560 pounds, it is officially recognized as the largest bony fish ever caught on rod and reel, a record that has stood since August 1953, when donor Alfred C. Glassell, Jr., caught the 14-foot-7-inch female eight miles off the steep shoreline of Cabo Blanco, Peru, where the Andes plunge into the Pacific. An overview of All-Tackle IGFA world record marlin. A Faux Teak Future in Boatbuilding. They’re not considered dangerous to humans. The Biggest Blue Marlin Ever Caught. 849 lbs Black Marlin, biggest caught in the area of Barra. Paulo Amorim caught the biggest Atlantic Blue Marlin to date using a bright pink and white Mold Craft Super Chugger lure, and his record is yet to be broken.

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