Here are the best ways to donate … Victims of a natural disaster take a long time to recover. 10 Things You CAN DO for Flood Victims “Actions speak louder than words” is a saying that most everyone has heard throughout their life. The same goes for helping victims of other disasters. Here are the best ways to donate whatever you can. Louisiana Flood Drop Off Locations {St. Bernard Parish} Chalmette Movies {Chalmette} Chalmette Movies is now accepting clothes for Louisiana flood victims. After Hurricane Katrina leveled New Orleans, for example, the city took 10 years to recover. As flood waters continue to recede, the needs are changing for those impacted by flooding. Hy-Vee will then match consumer donations up to $50,000. Five things you can do right now to help flood victims Tuesday 2 August 2016 An intense July 2016 monsoon has seen Assam and Bihar hit by high-intensity flooding, and the lives of over 5 million people across 40 districts have been affected. "Well the long term effect for flooding is hygiene and cleanliness and mold and those types of things," he said. By Lydia O'Connor. Major Abe Tamayo, from the Salvation Army, says that the need now is getting people back into their homes. Donation Letter for Flood Victims. In such sensitive times, many people out there need our help and donation request letter for flood victims is a thoughtful way to seek financial help from all those who are keen on contributing to their relief in some way. We often come across news on floods and other natural calamities that destroy many lives and homes. How :: Hours to drop off are between 1:00pm-8:00pm daily. Remember, no donation is too small, especially with the … How To Help West Virginia Flood Victims. Not all charities, including long-established ones, have the ability to help out. Most of us understand the concept behind it, but for the Louisiana flood victims this saying is taking on a whole new meaning in … Hy-vee customers can donate any amount at the register or customer service counter to help with flood relief efforts.

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