Although it’s not incredibly difficult, there are moments in the game that some players will struggle with. And yeah, I don't even think the Xbox One even has 10 exclusives in its near 5 year existence, let alone 14. This one doesn't even have that old "DEALS" by "Nintendolife staff" tag.Should it churn out clickbait adverts? “But at least the PS4 has a huge library of excellent, high quality games which keeps on steadily growing.”. relevance in gaming = subjective, what YOU consider relevant I consider a joke, PS4, Xbox One, revisions, all that power...going nowhere, xbox has no exclusives DKC Tropical Freeze I clearly remember the time when Nintendo fans were so HAPPY to not have all these cancerous practices such as : Look where we are today... You know I have nothing against you or somebody else whoever he/she is, but sometimes it's good to understand that when you like/love something you have to defend it. They should make the list Nintendo exclusives and include Wii U games that were remade/re-released MK8/DKTF deserve to be considered. You can even explore it all over again in the paid Torna – The Golden Country expansion. If that bothers you...thats your issue, not mine. Thankfully, the same can’t be said for Mario Tennis Aces. Super Mario Odyssey2. Like with the Switch. Snipperclips do i care about the ps2 ? The 1st quarter of the entire life of the Switch is about 3 Nintendo games ? So much poison over a list of games designed to entertain. I really hope that Nintendo is gonna wake up for the next months... @Damo I bought my last GPU from a NewEgg link in the discription of one of my gaming youtube channel. Is it an acronym? What do you get when you combine manga-inspired visuals, PlatinumGames’ fast and frantic gameplay, and the combat expertise of Nier: Automata’s lead game designer? Look no further than Animal Crossing: New Horizons! @riChchestM Just because you don't like the fact that there are a few Amazon buttons you can easily ignore to get your entirely free content, we should make this a subscription site? Exclusives don't really matter much to me, the Switch is the superior console for me as a gamer. Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Turkey Day - Franklin, Tha... Nintendo Switch Looks Poised To Smash 'Crazy Records' Thi... Pokémon Teases 'Very Special' 25th Anniversary Celebrati... Join 1,066,999 people following Nintendo Life: © 2020 Nlife Media, partner of Gamer Network. Shin Megami Tensei V Super Mario Odyssey Your dubious opinion does not equal fact. I'd put Vroom in the Night Sky ahead of 1-2 Switch. That changed with Super Mario Odyssey, a whimsical game that brought back all the wonder and discovery of Super Mario 64, but added in the character Cappy to completely change how you approach obstacles. Then again most of NL thinks it's just Pokemon Go.... @Cobalt not really, and I wasn't originally including the WiiU ports on Switch, but I also wasn't including WWHD on WiiU. Yes, they aren't out as of yet, but they ARE 2018 games. I can objectively agree that the switch does have a few big exclusives but they're just not for me. Sorry I skipped around 10 Nintendo years. Now with the Switch, for the 1st months of its existence : Bayonetta 2 Take the GameCube for example. All of the games below are available only on Nintendo Switch and can't be found on PC or any other platform (Nintendo consoles included - sorry Breath of the Wild). Valorant beginner’s guide: Tips and tricks for Riot’s class-based shooter, Valorant weapons guide: Stats, recoil patterns, and more, The best video games to play while stuck at home. :/. @riChchestM What I'm referring to isn't sponsored content, but literally having viewers to donate to said YouTuber - optionally of course. New downloadable content featuring Link and his Breath of the Wild gear was also released for free and if you use the cardboard Nintendo Labo kits, you have entirely new ways to play. God, ok it was written Splatoon2 on the box but let's be honest it was more Splatoon 1.5. However, the console is also home to a clutch of brilliant exclusive titles which we have collected together - in no particular order - for your perusal below.

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