Winsor . They are widely used by illustrators, … The ink … The company only offers two color variations: black and blue. The use of dyes produce bright colours, making these the perfect inks to create rich and vibrant artworks. Newton's famous drawing inks are formulated from a series of soluble dyes in a superior shellac solution.. Nevertheless, these … Pilot Namiki Fountain Pen Ink – Best Ink for Drawing. Aristo Drawing Ink. With its smooth liquid texture, ink is ideal for illustrators, fine artists, and calligraphers alike. With ink… Winsor & Newton Drawing inks are made from high quality dyes in a Shellac binder. Namiki inks come to us from Japan, a land with rich artistic integrity. This deep-black ink is waterproof. Apply them with brush, pen, or airbrush. All of our drawing inks … Platinum Carbon Ink … After allowing it to completely dry, it’s possible to use watercolors over it. Ink is an ancient medium developed around the world, in multiple cultures, for the purpose of writing, drawing, and painting. Aristo Drawing Ink refills the Aristo Technical Pen. Drawing Ink is best used on paper and illustration board, but can also be used on most types of acetate, which can make it useful for animators and illustrators. Considered a dry ink that costs under $25 for a 60 cc bottle, Platinum’s carbon ink can be called the best permanent black fountain pen ink. &.

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