(Hamilton County, Ohio): Confidential Settlement. Chronic use and exposure has been proven to increase the risk of certain cancers like lung cancer, bladder cancer and acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Interior and exterior paints, primers, colored paints, top coat paints, lacquers, stains, spray paints, and sealers may all contain Benzene and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Bone marrow is the soft, inner part of bones where new blood cells are made. Ohio workers at paint manufacturing facilities like Glidden are at a high risk of long-term Benzene exposure. Toxic chemicals used in paint products as solvents, pigments, extenders, stabilizers, corrosion inhibitors, driers and additives may include: •    Benzene•    Toluene•    Xylene•    Aliphatic compounds•    Ketones•    Glycol ethers•    Phthalates (plasticizers)•    Chromium•    Lead •    Volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Even though … Because many of these individuals in the past were not warned by the company of the Workplace Ventilation Risks, many employees did not wear protective masks or respirators. Sources of exposure to benzene . Health agencies warn of an increased risk of leukemia, mainly Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), among workers with high levels of Benzene exposure in paint production jobs. For all other inquiry types, please Contact Us or call (844) 230-7676, Please contact us for an in-person appointment, 400 Broadhollow Road Suite 305 Melville, NY 11747, Mark Twain Plaza I 101 West Vandalia Street, Suite 200 Edwardsville, Illinois 62025, 5757 W. Century Boulevard Suite 680 Los Angeles, CA 90045, 919 North Market Street, Suite 1801 Wilmington, Delaware 19801, 1 Greentree Centre Suite 201 10,000 Lincoln Drive East Marlton, NJ 08053, 1000 5th Street, Suite 200-Z7 Miami Beach, Florida 33139, 3001 Esperanza Crossing, Suite 1063 Austin, Texas 75758, 3163 Flushing Road, Suite 200-D Flint, Michigan 48504, 1500 W. 3rd Street Suite 510 Cleveland, OH 44113, Corporate Lakes Suites 6731 W. 121st Street, Suite 201 Overland Park, KS 66209, 1717 K Street NW, Suite 900 Washington, DC 20006. About 0% of these are Dyestuff Intermediates. This site is designed to be accessible and usable by people both with and without disabilities. Unless you are a chemist or a toxicologist, the chances are very thin that you’ll be able to tell the difference. Please contact us if you encounter an accessibility or usability issue on this site. In simple terms, volatile organic compounds are substances that easily turn into gas or vapor at room temperature. Past outcomes mentioned on this site do not guarantee future results. The case was covered extensively by the Cincinnati news media and referenced in peer-reviewed medical literature. Benzene can be found in most all glossy paints, as well as spray paints and paint thinners. These solvents can contain Benzene and other dangerous toxins. Benzene is a colorless, flammable liquid that, like all other VOCs, have a very distinctive smell. Safety experts have expressed concern over paint employees working closely with chemicals linked to leukemia, AML, myelodysplastic syndrome, lymphoma and multiple myeloma. Benzene is a dangerous chemical, as mentioned earlier it is classified as a known carcinogen by the American Cancer Society. Here’s what benzene is, and how paints that contain it endanger our health. Nothing on this site should be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation. A very successful, diversified company for over a hundred years in the Cleveland, Ohio area, Glidden Co. produces consumer paints for the American household market. Benzene Exposure in Industries Using or Manufacturing Paint in China—A Literature Review, 1956–2005. One study of pancreatic cancer reported a high risk for exposure to paint thinners. Benzene is among the 20 most widely used chemicals in the United States. In extreme cases, death can occur after inhaling or swallowing very high levels of benzene. If not to cancer, a disrupted immune system inevitably leads to childhood asthma, breathing difficulties and diminished lung capacity, even reduced kidney function. Studies on both lab animals and people have confirmed this finding and concluded that benzene really does cause damage to blood cells, thus impairing the central nervous system, causing immune disruption, and leading to severe medical conditions such as leukemia. Manufacture of some of these benzene-containing formulations ceased in about 1950, although Liquid Wrench continued to contain significant amounts of benzene until the late 1970s. The solvents were spiked with benzene to obtain target concentrations of 0.001, 0.01, and 0.1% by volume in the liquid. The following is a list of products containing benzene. A solvent meant to increase octane ratings in gasoline and used to make benzene, toluene acts as a central nervous system depressant and neurotoxin when concentrated fumes are inhaled. Exposure to benzene on the skin may result in redness and blisters. Benzene exposure was significantly higher in workplaces judged to have poor ventilation. Are you a regular user of detergent and dyes, bug sprays, and synthetic fibers? Benzene is formed from natural processes, such as volcanoes and forest fires, but most exposure to benzene results from human activities. Can I sue my employer for an occupational illness? Lead Counsel in a case that involved secondary lead exposure to two children. We accomplish this by fostering a confident client focused work environment with motivated employees where cooperation thrives and innovation is rewarded. This information is not intended to create, and receipt or viewing does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. Consuming foods or drinks contaminated with high levels of benzene can cause vomiting, stomach irritation, dizziness, sleepiness, convulsions, and rapid heart rate. Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer who has represented individuals nationwide in toxic tort claims. Benzene in the paint is extremely dangerous, which is something that both scientific studies and cancer attorneys can confirm. 6, No. Toluene is also found in paint, adhesives (airplane glue), cleaning agents and fragrances. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Inhaling Benzene is known to increase the risk of cancers like lung cancer, bladder cancer and acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Some women who have been exposed to high levels of benzene have reported ovary shrinkage and irregular menstrual periods. While some toxic VOCs trigger nausea and dizziness almost immediately, benzene is different. A wide variety of benzene in paint options are available to you, such as type. What’s unfortunate is that you can’t file a claim unless benzene has already endangered your health.

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