111. If percentage elongation of a material is more than 200%, it is classed as ? I agree with CNC Recruitment, those are definitely great interview questions. engine maximum temperature attained is higher than in gas turbine. Glycerine has boiling point of 90°C which increases its heat carrying capacity. What are these ? How the net work to drive a compressor and its volumetric efficiency behave with increase in clearance volume ? 2.5%. The phase and structures of alloys describe the constitution, transformations and properties of metals and alloys. The term circulating bed is often used to include fluidised bed systems containing multiple conventional bubbling beds between which bed material is exchanged. Such elements are silicon, chromium, molybdenum, tungsten, titanium and niobium. Bubbling fluidised bed combustion (BFBC) has a defined height of bed material and operates at or near atmospheric pressure in the furnace. 138. These vapours if carried through the evaporator will not contribute to refrigerating effect. 77. 2. Supercritical boilers do not head heavy drum for separation of steam from mixture of water and steam. Why the work per kg of air flow in axial flow compressor is less compared to centrifugal compressor for same pressure ratio ? A reactor plant which is designed to produce more fuel than it consumes. Which parameter remains constant in a throttling process ? I.C. 22. 158. Pearlite is eutectoid mixture of ferrite and cementile. High boiling point. i want to learn about tolerance from the basic and hoe can we apply in the drawing? Breeder reactor. 102. Free energy (or Helmholtz function) is defined as/= u -Ts. Pingback: Interview Questions On Strength of Materials | Questions Asked in Mechanical Engineering Interview | Mechanical Engineering Blog, Your email address will not be published. For springs and gears respectively. Eutectoid. Why gas turbine power plant needs efficient compressor ? What is the name given to portion of thermal energy to be necessarily rejected to environment ? It has rapid self breeding of fissile fuel during the operation of the reactor, and thus, it offers about sixty times the output with same natural uranium resources through ordinary non-breeder nuclear reactor. Eutectoid alloys are the alloys for which two solid phases which are completely soluble become completely insoluble on cooling before a certain temperature called eutectoid temperature. How oxygen can be removed from steel during melting? What are killed steels and what for these are used ? AFBC (Atmospheric fluidised bed combustion) process consists of forming a bed of inert materials like finely sized ash or ash mixed with sand, limestone (for sulphur removal), and solid fuel particles in a combustor and fluidising it by forcing combustion air up through the bed mixture. Quantities like pressure, temperature, density, viscosity, etc. Whether entropy is intensive property or extensive property ? Mechanical Engineering Multiple Choice Questions | Mechanical Objective Questions And Answers Pdf. Pick up the wrong statement? Increase in area for increase in velocity for supersonic flow is required because the density decreases faster than velocity increases at supersonic speeds and to maintain continuity of mass, area must increase. Relatively good erosion and corrosion resistance. (ii) Strength (for no plastic deformation under static loading)—yield point 104. 0.03% in the extremely low-carbon grades used in certain corrosion-resistant applications. 30. Boiler tubes, usually are made from carbon steel and are subject to (a) high rates of heat transfer, (b) bending stresses due to uneven heating, especially at expanded or welded joints into headers or drums, (c) external erosion from burners and flue gas, (d) possible corrosion on the boiler side, and (e) occasional manufacturing defects. On which analysis is based the Dulong’s formula for the heating value of fuel ? Silicon in excess of 2.5% causes brittleness, and amounts higher than 5% make the steel non-malleable. 176. 3) Which pipes are used for steam lines? Silicon contributes greatly to the production of sound steel because of its deoxidizing and degasifying properties. What do you understand by latent heat ? Whether superheated steam can be treated like ideal gas ? Breeder reactor. Some elements exist in more than one crystalline form. engines have much lower auxiliary consumption. Superheater tubes are subjected to the most severe combination of stress, temperature and corrosive environment. Ferrite is the solid solution of carbon and other constituents in alpha-iron. Sir plz send me the pdf of 200 Mechanical Engineering Questions & answers in krsandipdutt@gmail.com.Plz,all your q&a are so important to me.plz send me soon.thats great regarding to you for your great work.THANK YOU Why large boilers are water tube type ? As the transformation temperature is lowered, the time to initiate transformation shortens but the product is pearlite of increasing fineness, and at temperatures approaching 550°C it cannot be resolved into its lamellar constituents. Why axial flow compressor is preferred for gas turbines for aeroplanes ? Hard water contains excess of scale forming impurities and soft water contains very little or no scale forming substances. An increase in carbon content lessens the thermal and electrical conductivities of steel and increases its hardness on quenching. Why entropy change for a reversible adiabatic process is zero ? Which elements increase the corrosion resistance of steel ? Describe transfer machines in brief. 95.Which parameter remains constant in isochoric process ? The student is advised to be particularly well versed with the subject that is relevant to the firm which conducts the interview, be it a design firm or a manufacturing firm. Elliptical shape has minimum area of opening and thus plate is weakened the least. Out of constant pressure and constant volume lines on TS diagram which line has higher slope ? What do you understand by catenary cable ? 180. In two-stroke engine lub oil is mixed with petrol and thus some lub oil is blown out through the exhaust valves by scavenging and charging air. What are orthotropic materials? Styrene-butadine rubber. To minimize intergranular corrosion caused by carbide precipitation, the carbon content of austenitic (18-8 type) alloys is limited in commercial specifications to a maximum of 0.08%, or even less, i.e. Heating value is due to C, H and S. 63. 14. Liquid hydrogen has higher burning velocity. Because there is no heat transfer in this process. Why water can’t be used as refrigerant for small refrigerating equipment ? 54. 165. 27. How heat treatment alters properties of steel ? Mention two types of dislocations. https://engineeringinterviewquestions.com/piping-engineering-interview-questions-answers-pdf/, plz send Questions to Answers Relatively good mechanical properties under compressive loading. Circulating fluidised beds operate with relatively high gas velocities and fine particle sizes. Which is the common element between brass and bronze ? Which reactor has no moderator ? Explain the difference between AFBC, BFBC, PFBC and PCFB in regard to fluidised bed technologies. What elements it reports ? ‘. 2) What is ferrite? If austenite containing about 0.80 percent carbon is slowly cooled through the critical temperature, ferrite and cementite are rejected simultaneously, forming alternate plates or lamellae. 101. Advanced pulverised and pressurised pulverised fuel combustion.

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