1 0 obj endobj <> %PDF-1.5 <>>> endobj He envisioned a globally on the Internet, whether the information is true or not. "}��EZa�s9�����ǹ��qyj���%���ީ@4zc�5`�g�'�W�e�@�}}Dd��y&�m���>!N5nA�C Q �~���i�~��q6?�@rݴ ����Q�@ww���. Download PDF. I … <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> The World Wide Web What is the World Wide Web (WWW)? Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. Later in this Learning Unit, you will learn some tips for evaluating the information you find on websites. [-a{wy���ˋ���?~�{��~�n^�����1'�C�d�o�]^�ry����m;�0>l���bϢuR)����C{����X�7N Let’s take a look at the specific goals for today’s lesson.” Pass out Handout 1: E��tl,��l��ip���i��}i�Ea�М��v^�OQWQf9ń�LƩ��>")%�]%���� Licklider of MIT in August 1962 discussing his “Galactic Network” concept. ֨�⟾X�xx� ��" ���&���]� Z��6?��A�j����H��z���Ų0�$[ղ}� VG��'�S����G?�����c��#ϸ'��b�$�6[x�lN�9��2�+_p Gplc̐5�;1YA_���O�����¸��x�V�ת8:��! endobj Basic Internet Concepts 1. <>/Pattern<>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 720 540] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> BASIC CONCEPTS IN COBASIC CONCEPTS IN COMPUTER HARDWARE AND MPUTER HARDWARE AND SOFTWARESOFTWARE THE NEED FOR COMPUTER LITERACYTHE NEED FOR COMPUTE R LITERACYR LITERACY “Information is power and Computers are amplifiers of information” When a pregnant woman collapsed into hepatic coma, a surgeon contacted a medical library. ������h|�LJ�ަi(�|�Rw�F��oZr��ˆh/�C���F��Y"�(���,���2J«��$~�����~@�j`L���XN 1Γ��E�I�KƅK$K���n(�mȎq�݉!l{�����>-���8yh���X���md� ASp�\4B9�>��. internetsociety.org Internet Society A Brief History of the Internet 3 The first recorded description of the social interactions that could be enabled through networking was a series of memos written by J.C.R. <> 2 0 obj endobj stream 3 0 obj �3��w�9v��m{��������Y�����Vf��Ġ�~���h����[�8L�\�Ε����1sAl���j{)[K͖�_5w�U�J��0`^�e8f���0&�i�0xf|~�)v�'�o��g�={�_�� ��A����AJGr� �R������;9��W� Also called the A worldwide collection of electronic documents Each electronic document is called a Web page Can contain text, graphics, sound, video, and built-in connections A Web site is a collection of related Web pages p. 75 Internet-Based Services- Some of the basic services available to Internet users are − Email − A fast, easy, and inexpensive way to communicate with other Internet users around the world. Basic Terms and Concepts Let’s start with some basic terms and concepts: Internet: It might be helpful to think of the Internet as a vast system of roads all connecting to each other. <> x��Y[k^�|�?�G)�}�@�v\8�Ї�#�`+�m���̚��>۟��Hgi_�ef��v�r�������x��~؞>����"la!ĔB�z %���� Telnet − Allows a user to log into a remote computer as though it were a local system. K�; i��������h���KpMuW���YO���k�s���G9��� ����t���WN���n�Ə>�c����Ε�>Pn0����6�V�\�P8��w��{�H���d�Oy�#�ާ�̽| d,gtDB��Ȍct�mF){,$_6��;K�����Kw:nP�R3p� Q3���=�8��eX�G���څ3�'f�(�A��H9�b\�d����a�=�1"�ӆ%��Q�3Y�F��X����]�>8cp 89ʳb/w0�Qu���i���L� ��o���4C1g$�o��&$$r���b��-a�H��Y��}״�n�QK4;N t����έ�c ��� - ��t(�X����Gd Wv�% <>>> endobj x��[�o�8/��A���VD���"0���][\�C�}Pl96��YI�l����"e�I��ڪE�3Ù��0gu�]��68??�h�r��V�������g�O�����v�/��a?����oߤY(�2)�4�����a��oߜ]�@��^�߾A��8�b�-�,��޾��[����7�&�/�Y2Y�߃��}����',ZDa��. . Basic Internet Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that the Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) to serve billions of users worldwide. <> 4 0 obj %���� 3 0 obj 1 0 obj Basic Internet Security Concepts - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. 4 0 obj Internetworking with TCP/IP, Vol. 2 0 obj stream %PDF-1.5 Add New Question. �f����qXH�]5cy����1� �FX��� c���%M�D���!O�seV��{hКuҳWT�J�;���Ff�.�@� )hY\���3���X��NCyK�Occq��?v�.�����t�&��� Basic Computer and Internet Skills e-Vermont Workshop Series sponsored by the Vermont State Colleges LESSON GOALS (2 minutes) “In this lesson, we will learn some basic computer and Internet skills. *pM1�&>����};���䰚���4�,A^�Ǡ�a�`*�dq��drw�0���������I���=i�I���r̆���a�|I�d1�|��"��z��O��-J�?�-|�Ӣ���� endobj

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