Ambassador John Herbst, Director, Eurasia Center, Atlantic Council: OK.Mr President, you were Ukraine’s leader at the time of the Soviet Union’s demise. But the emails provide a rare glimpse into the fundraising tactics of one of the think tank world’s most respected institutions. [42], The Africa Center was established in September 2009 with a mission to help transform U.S. and European policy approaches to Africa by emphasizing the building of strong geopolitical partnerships with African states and strengthening economic growth and prosperity on the continent. The Atlantic Council boasts a deep roster of former diplomats, military officers and other government officials on its board and as directors of its research programs. Danchenko himself said that his sources provided him only with unverified rumors about Trump and his campaign aides’ activities related to Russia. [36], The Young Atlanticist Network also manages the Future Leaders program. “We talked about Russian economy and how it is affected by the sanctions,” added Aslund, who declined to provide additional details of the meeting because it was off the record. Founded in 1961, it provides a forum for international political, business, and intellectual leaders. “Having managed their relationships and appearances in Washington, Amb. The Council seeks to identify areas of potential cooperation and build the personal networks and mutual understanding that form the basis for an effective partnership. Bringing together business leaders, government policymakers, and economic experts, the program explores transatlantic and global issues of importance to the U.S. and European business community. A spokesman for the Atlantic Council, Alex Kisling, told the DCNF: “The Atlantic Council has not received funding from Alfa Bank, its owners, or its affiliates.”, He characterized the meetings in 2015 and 2016 as “informal exchanges … about a possible funding partnership.”, “Those discussions never advanced to a formal stage of consideration, and Dr. Aslund did not offer anything in return for Alfa Bank’s support,” Kisling said. (RELATED: Atlantic Council Partnered With Burisma Despite ‘Uneasiness’ Over Bribery Allegations). The report also debunked the dossier’s most specific allegations of collusion: that former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen visited Prague in August 2016 to meet with Kremlin officials to discuss paying hackers who stole Democrats’ emails. It promotes open access and clean air and offers policy recommendations to meet developing countries' needs through increased capital, technology and know-how in the energy and water supply sectors. [49], The Atlantic Council produces publications and issue briefs about global policy issues ranging from NATO's global role to energy security. Steele said Glenn Simpson, the owner of Fusion GPS, directed him to dig up dirt on the bankers as part of his investigation into the Trump campaign. He wrote an essay for the Atlantic Council in February 2018 touting the dossier. The Atlantic Council, the Brookings Institution, the Center for Strategic and International Studies and other prominent think tanks have come under intense scrutiny in recent years over their relationships with foreign governments, as well as domestic and foreign corporations. [47] A list of the experts include Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley, Mark Mitchell, Mick Mulroy, Mike Nagata, Matt Olsen, Russ Travers, and Owen West and others. Its annual events include the Distinguished Leadership Awards in Washington, DC; the Future Leaders Summit;[30] the Freedom Awards in Wroclaw, Poland; the Atlantic Council Energy & Economic Summit in Istanbul, Turkey and the Global Citizen Awards in New York City. Issue Brief by Dr. Scott Crino and Conrad "Andy" Dreby Few if any think tanks register their activities under federal lobbying laws, allowing their benefactors to avoid the stigma attached to traditional lobbying relationships. Russia added the Atlantic Council to its list of “undesirable” organizations, preventing it from operating within Russia. Members of the U.S. Congress have also appeared, including Senator Richard Lugar and Secretary of State John Kerry. Steele alleged in the dossier, which was funded by the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign, that the Trump campaign conspired with the Kremlin to influence the 2016 election. (RELATED: Atlantic Council Partnered With Burisma Despite ‘Uneasiness’ Over Bribery Allegations), still “some uneasiness” about the partnership. [44], The Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center promotes a stronger partnership between Latin America, the United States, and Europe based on shared values and common strategic interests, and engages its network of political, business, and NGO entrepreneurs to develop ideas for policy and business leaders seeking solutions to regional and global challenges.

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