Very much Western-centric in approach yet Asian in practice, the Fungs of Li & Fung have mastered techniques of getting maximum efficiency out of the supply chain, taking raw materials and making low-cost, high-demand consumer goods, particularly clothing, much more cheaply than in the United States. There is a small number of firms, which get a great deal of publicity and so seem more numerous than they are, that hire CEOs directly from the outside, with no previous experience with the firm. While Asia now has most of these institutions, they are ordinarily not as well established and not as significant in the minds of top executives. Administrative techniques were generalized around the world decades ago. Management Style Asian and Western management styles Management style is a preferred way of managing people in order to bind diverse startxref The "New Asian Leader"? Asian Management Systems is the only text on the market that specifically addresses the Asian style of management in a comparative, country context. It will be needed everywhere soon enough. Below is the transcript of his talk, "Leadership Styles in the United States: How Different are They from Asia?". Energizing others is the core of the new leadership in America. Europeans see it as a sort of business evangelicalism and are very suspicious of it. In this transition they have adopted particular styles of leadership responsive to boards (often led by outside directors) and to Wall Street. The main threats with Li & Fung are these: driving down labor costs, and concerns about relying on suppliers who potentially abuse the human rights of workers or pay less than a standard living wage. Business School faculty. Similarly, the heads of some of America's largest firms, both publicly held and private, are the scions of the families that founded the firms. Interested in improving your business? He created a foundation in 1980 to help young Chinese students have the educational and other opportunities he had to make for himself at age twelve. Management is about getting results and doing so efficiently so that a financial profit or surplus is created. The Korean management style is very similar to the Japanese approach that has been the subject of countless books and articles in recent years. In Asia, succession usually is passed on to the siblings. Li's personal story is an amazing tale of success. There are many such examples in Asia. The political connections so important for top business leaders in Asia, whether in democracies or one-party states, are not unknown but are much less important in America. What is the conclusion? Which styles have Asian business leaders adopted already, and which styles are likely to be most successful in the future? %%EOF In America, the chief executive officers of very large firms often have virtually no direct connections to top politicians—the government is treated at arm's length and business is done by business people. American companies that operate with largely autonomous divisions employ this style of leadership. 0000003065 00000 n Do they exhibit the same leadership styles as top executives in the West? Learn about fresh research and ideas from Harvard N. R. Narayana Murthy of India's Infosys and Stan Shih of Acer are good examples. Victor and William Fung are the new type of Asian leaders—will they soon be the only type? As it continues, graft destroys the national political entity. A significant body of research has focused on the conceptualization of management styles as either Asian or Western, with studies showing evidence of a positive relationship between management style and professional skills.

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