The VMCAS application will open January 22, 2020 to give applicants more time to complete their application. We have also prepared a guide for completing the VMCAS. Although we … Iowa State's Veterinary Medicine supplemental application will also open May 12, 2020. ; MAY 2020 Designate Veterinary Colleges May 12, 2020 SEPTEMBER 2020 VMCAS Application Deadline September 15, 2020- Electronic application … May 12, 2020. Application Timeline If you are applying to a veterinary college for entrance next fall, the following is a general guideline which applies to the majority of veterinary colleges in theUnited States; however, make sure to check with your school… Application Instructions – Please read carefully. TMDSAS website The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is not required as part of the application process to the DVM Professional Program for the application … Timeline; Application Submission. Class of 2025 January 2020 VMCAS Application goes live January 2020 . Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service (TMDSAS) application opens. May- September; When to apply: quality over speed You don’t need to apply as soon as the VMCAS opens in May. Application Timeline Below is a rough timeline for preparing your application. Applicants will not be able to select specific veterinary schools until May 12, 2020. Fall before you apply Research Schools For a map of veterinary schools, visit the Association of American Veterinary … VMCAS web application - School … This isn’t a ‘first come, first serve’ process. Click on the arrows for more information.

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