Because Ambetter doesn’t provide a mobile app, it makes account management slightly less convenient than with other insurance providers. Thanks Obama care. This allows them to act before serious complications set in. -Watch out. In the Cincinnati area the number of doctors who take this insurance is tiny. Never pay the bill and always blame on provider for not submitting on time. Wells Fargo Routing Number – By State for 2020, Money Order Near Me – Best Places to Get – Tips for Buying. They will not let me change my doctor now. is the world’s largest online learning platform. Stay away. My wife had symptoms of heart attack, went to ER, denied as not medically necessary. Premium paid, no docs. Through the portal, you can log in to your account. Weather it is medication and prior authorization, standard care such as doctors visit. Run…do not go with Ambetter for health insurance. I have asked several times, and it is still incorrect, and when I emailed them about it, they told me to check the address with the marketplace. But I paid it, that’s between you and the provider. The bank said i paid, my online account said i paid and when i called Ambetter they acknowledged that i paid. CLASS ACTION ?? They did not cancel it or report it to the marketplace and we talked to the marketplace and they DONT CARE. ONLY one accepts the insurance. The denied all claims from treatment, except for one doctor, leaving me with bills in the thousands. Not doctors not case manager seating at the office . The agents will state it will take 3-5 business days . They continually deny any procedure, regardless of what type of physician (general practitioner, specialist, surgeon, etc.) blamed the hospital accusing them of entering the wrong code to get money. Letters from them to me have nothing to do with the issue. They literally cannot do their job even when they agree you are correct. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I don’t know where to begin and I’m not going to spend more time here other than to list mwhat I’ve learned from 3 years with this health plan” and too many hours ospeaking with “customer support: (1) they are trying to rebuild their computer system and it’s a mess. No one takes this and it’s just a scam to be legal in USA. They are a scam, do not get this insurance.. My mother’s health keeps declining and they refuse every test the doctor wants to do. I have no idea what the impact of Covid19 will be on healthcare in general and Ambetter specifically. Bait and Switch! When you actually get to a doctor and get a referral,” you get referred to providers who are no longer in business. My payment is due on the first of the month. how this site gives them a 1.3 rating is beyond me. I have yet to experience any of the other types of situations that are mentioned on this site. I paid $804 dollar, been talking with them 4 months, still don’t have insurance. They have 3 different member IDs as they migrate to the new system yet the system does not always “know” about the legacy IDs — worse yet, some cust support people are unaware. They then try to coerce that a patient can’t be billed. Useless. Now I have no health insurance coverage. The minion also told me what happened -which he should not have.. […], Your email address will not be published. Bad for the environment, The person I talked to was very nice and helpful, Not sure who the biggest crook is Ambetter or the Healthcare market place. Being a policyholder with Ambetter, there are added benefits beyond standard health care. their phone wait time is about 4 hours. Messed up my auto pay, now I just had to pay them 3 months because I thought it was all handled. Huge rip off scam. Links are broken, data is incorrect, provider listings are out of date. This company is incredibly unprofessional and should not be allowed to operate in this fashion. On their website, they list a ton of doctors in any area of practice you can think of. Never get Ambetter. Good luck Providers dealing with this company!!!! Worst insurance ever! The Secure Care Gold Plan has the most expensive premiums. NO DOCTORS ACCEPT THIS INSURANCE! Which means if I have an emergency I’d have to pay who knows how much and they will refund it “eventually” When we called to complain, the customer service rep was very rude and they refuse to admit they did anything wrong! We strive to help you make confident insurance decisions. Nothing displays and you have no option to select. I felt I had done a good job verifying my doctors were in the plan and my likely hospitals were in plan. I am expecting carpel tunnel surgery. Searched their database of providers and 100s in our area showed up. Then I got re-billed two months later, had the same conversion. I have also been hung up on by their employees. I have called 11 times and they keep saying they will send it for the last three months and still have not. Second of all, they dropped a bunch of providers/hospitals last second before 2018. Plans can also come with vision and dental insurance. God forbid this was my insurance company and I actually needed to file a claim or get help with my medical bills. their online services have serious glitches. been with this company for 5 months, out of that time only 2 and a half covered, called customer service and their answer is simply I don’t know why”.

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