Me, I’m partial to the European mustards — the whole grain mustard is useful year round, both on sandwiches and in recipes. Privacy Policy | Contact | ALDI FAQ | Meta. ... September 30, 2020. Netherlands Poland Portugal Slovenia Serve with a side of homemade German potato salad. Required fields are marked *. I find 12″ to be a more versatile size, to be honest, but if you are filling out your cast iron collection this is a nice price. Since ALDI is a German company, you know that this is one week where their store brand products really shine. But, you get the idea: Deutsche Küche as far as the eye can see. I wasn’t aware of Aldie having a German week. Here are some of the best Aldi Finds coming to your local store this September. German Week at ALDI Velkommen til ALDI. Deutsch / Français. Bring on the pizza breadsticks, pumpkin swirl cheesecake, and frozen grilled cheese and tomato soup! Pair it with one of our favorite breakfast recipes to start your day off right. Avid Aldi customers might already be aware of German week, but for those who aren't, the budget grocery store designates a week to celebrate its home country. I will be watching for them again even if I have to wait a year. * Learn even more with Nicole's 4 free eBooks to improve your German skills: reading, writing, speaking, and … And, you have so many choices! Also be sure to visit sister site Mashup Mom, where I love sharing recipes, meal planning advice, book reviews, foodie tips, and ways to incorporate more real food, realistically! Sorry for the blurriness — it’s hard enough to take a photo of ALDI German Week silhouetted against a window, let alone wait for the aisle to clear out enough to do it. Beyond what’s listed in the ad, you may find additional German Week choices hidden throughout the store. Dinner isn’t complete without a savory appetizer, and these bacon-wrapped shrimp are just what your hankerin’ was calling for. You know what goes well with a nice whole grain mustard? These crunchy balls of delight are perfect for guilt-free snacking. I know a lot of you wait for this event to roll back around in stores, so let me know: What specific products have you been waiting for? Er/sie/es ist!) Amrita Thakkar. Rachael September 13, 2020 September 9, 2020 This Week at Aldi Each week we highlight a few of the more interesting items in the upcoming Aldi ad . Amrita is a writer, poet and amateur photographer who often ends up applying these skills to her one great love: food. This fall flavor is paired with a classic Italian dish—what could go wrong? These items are due in stores for the ad week of Sept. 16 (Sept. 13 in stores with a Sunday ad switchover.) In September, ALDI is focusing on pumpkin spice everything, along with plenty of apple products, snacks, and Oktoberfest essentials, like sausages, spaetzle, and German chocolate cake. Look for German food, like pork schnitzel, and fall flavors, like pumpkin. And, you have so many choices! Great Britain Hungary Ireland. It was only by coincidence that I happened to spot Deutsche Kuche Frangipane Tarts in the freezer section. Try to reign in your excitement, since there's another German week that might be a bit more fun to celebrate. ALDI US stocks German coffee and chocolate all the time, so they've got your bases covered for you 365. Dobrodošli pri ALDI-ju Australia Austria. China Denmark France. Nothing can replace cider in our hearts, but this apple wine comes pretty close. Belgium. Beyond what’s listed in the ad, you may find additional German Week choices hidden throughout the store. They even come stuffed with jalapeno cream cheese for an extra kick. ALDI has a Crofton 10″ cast iron skillet for just $9.99 this week! Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. Find your nearest Aldi and see the other special buys this week at the ALDI US page. ... September 30, 2020. Let me know what German Week Finds you’ll be picking up this week, though! What items are you always sure to stock up on, to tide you over until the next time they appear? Look for both soft pretzels and pretzel sticks in the freezer section this week. These are beyond amazing. (Don’t forget to buy another box for the adults!). Yes, summer is on the way out. This savory German strudel is loaded vegetables and cheese. So many German foods and fall flavors! And, you have so many choices! Bavarian soft pretzels, that’s what. It’s time to stock up on your German Week favorites at Aldi!. Beyond what’s listed in the ad, you may find additional German Week choices hidden throughout the store. Amrita Thakkar. The kids will love these swirly treats full of sparkles and space dust. I’m a librarian, blogger, mom, meal planner, ALDI shopper, & recipe creator — and I’m so excited to bring you Almost All ALDI, where we can share our mutual love for America’s favorite discount grocery store.

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