With this role, the CMc assumes the construction project with a GMP, or guaranteed maximum price; they guarantee that the project will be delivered on budget and on time. The Construction Manager is a more collaborative partner with the owner of projects. AIA Document A232™–2019 is adopted in this document by reference. If the Architect is to assist the Owner in selecting the Construction Manager, complete Section .2 Land Surveyor: In the Construction Manager as Agent model, the CM works for the owner in much the same way as the architect would, providing consultation and management services, usually for a fee. If a Construction Manager has not been retained as of the date of this Agreement, state the anticipated date of retention. Construction Managers typically paid on a fee-based pricing (flat, per hour or percentage of project costs), so there is no competition for profits … There is usually not competitive bid in the selection of a Construction Manager, and their selection is generally based on qualifications and experience versus lowest price. § 2.3 The Construction Manager shall provide its services in conjunction with the services of an Architect to be retained by the Owner under the terms described in AIA Document B132™–2009, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect, … .1 Construction Manager: (The Construction Manager is identified on the cover page. 2. The owner contracts directly with whatever subcontractors are required to complete the scope of work. CM-Agent with construction expertise gives the owner an agent, in addition to the architect, to supervise the project, reducing the owner’s management burden in large or complicated projects. Construction Manager as Adviser. Construction attorneys learn early on that there are two forms of "construction management" – "pure” construction management, where the construction manager is an agent of the owner ("CM-Agency"); and construction management “at-risk,” where the construction manager is legally responsible for delivering the project on-time and on-budget ("CM At-Risk"). AGREEMENT made as of the _____ day of _____ in the year _____ (In words, indicate day, month and year.) Advantages of Construction Manager-Agent 1. That assumption of the contract makes the CMc liable should the project not meet … Another nuance here, we talked about a Construction Manager at Risk, we also have a construction manager as an agent, or CM, or an agency CM type. They'll provide construction input, strategy in terms of sequencing, pricing, packaging of the design, … Construction manager-at-risk, or construction manager-as-constructor (CMc), is a specific project delivery method (AIA Document A133-2009). Do not use with other general conditions unless this document is modified. The CM may, if the owner chooses, manage the subcontractors—and the project in general—but contractually, the CM … BETWEEN the Owner: (Name, legal status, address, and other information) and the Contractor: (Name, legal status, … The Construction Manager-Agent performs as an additional representative of the owner’s interests. This is a situation where a construction manager will come in as a professional service and supplement the staff of the owner's project management team. A CM-Agent helps the … CM-Agent’s project scheduling and capability to competitively fast … On February 6, 2020, the AIA released the second round of updates, impacting the Construction Manager as Advisor (CMa) family of contract documents. Construction Manager shall perform its services as expeditiously as is consistent with such skill and care and the orderly progress of the Project.

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