A critical part of banjo setup is acheiving a good comfortable action. By Richie Dotson. Two holes in the middle of each rod facilitate turning the rods onto or off of the neck hanger bolts, or enable you to prevent the rods from turning when tightening or loosening the adjusting nuts. A BETTER WAY TO SET YOUR ACTION A far better, less risky way to set the string height on your banjo by adjusting the neck angle, is to use the coordinator rods like a pair of screw jacks. The banjo neck is bolted on and uses one or two coordinator rods which can push or pull the neck so the angle can be changed. Following these steps will help revive your old banjo, and is a concise guide for achieving optimum sound on any traditional banjo. The two way coordinators rods are designed to easily adjust the bow angle and the height of the string action to remove buzzing from too low of action, or make the banjo easier to play because the string action is too high. First, they hold the neck to the rim or pot. This results in a change of string height. If your banjo has a single rod, this warning is doubled I'd avoid more than ~16" of adjustment. There are limits to how much you can adjust a neck but changing the neck angle is the preferred way to adjust the action on a banjo. For adjusting string action on a banjo most banjos use a dual, 2 way adjustable coordinator rod system. Adjusting your coordinator rods will keep the string action on your banjo at the correct height which will make playing your banjo easier. In order to have a proper action on your banjo, you must adjust the neck to the correct tension for your strings. If the banjo is a lot easier to play with the capo on, your nut is probably too high, or the nevk angle to the body may need adjusting. This rod serves to counteract the pull of the strings. Changing strings, the action of your banjo that can change with the weather, and many other things can affect the banjo’s ability to play in tune. I'm about at the end of my knowledge, the builders will have to take it from here. To lower the action, loosen the inner nut on the lower rod and tighten the outer nut. You can get bridges of all different heights. The strings should be above the fret about 1/8 of an inch. It can also keep your banjo sounding new as you want to make sure the pot and the neck have a firm connection and haven't worked their way loose. This is a simple, but somewhat confusing step in banjo setup. Put a capo on at the first fret, and playa few songs. The string action height on a banjo is measured at the twelfth fret. Determine if you need neck bow adjustment through truss rod adjustment. Most modern banjos have a truss rod in the neck. It's important that the neck fits tightly and can't be shifted while the banjo … The banjo uses a “floating Bridge” system, which means that the bridge is held in place only by the string’s down-pressure against it. This is the best way to get your action into a ballpark range that'll be close enough to adjust with the coordinator rods. Deering Banjo Company 3733 Kenora Dr. Spring Valley, CA USA 91977 | 800-845-7791 | info@deeringbanjos.com This is called "relief". Head tension really affects action, so I'm sure to check that while I'm at it: Just a couple more items. DO get a different bridge if your action is totally wrong. First, look at the complex joint where the neck fits the banjo shell: The neck contacts the shell at three different "levels" on this Gibson Mastertone. Step-by-Step to Professional Banjo Set-Up By Tom Nechville The following procedure can make a world of difference in how your banjo sounds. Remove the resonator to see which type of adjustment is on the banjo. These bars or rods have several functions. 1. Proper adjustment of your banjo's truss rod allows you to put a little bit of concave curve in the neck of your banjo to make the playability a lot easier.

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