We can help. Addison-HVAC makes commercial and industrial heating, cooling and dehumidification equipment. Addison Water Source Heat Pump Systems. This is using only electricity and no other fuel. We’re On a Mission to Create Solutions For Safer, Healthier, and More Productive Indoor Environments. Other Roberts-Gordon subsidiaries include SAS Dectron Company and Weather-Rite, LLC. These packaged systems are designed to accept a variety of factory-installed options for heating, humidification, dehumidification, ventilation, corrosion protection, electrical and refrigeration control. Be sure to read this entire manual before installation and start-up. Addison provides commercial and industrial rooftop packaged heating and cooling units, humidity control, water and air source heat pumps, as well as split systems – both condensing units and air handlers. Today, Addison Products Company has turned its attention to heat pump technology and specialized commercial air conditioning products. American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning. Thank you for choosing an FurnaceCompare.com Certified Contractor. A heat pump in Addison, MI can do quite a bit for your home, such as increasing its energy efficiency so you can save money on your monthly bill. A local specialist will contact you shortly. #4, Perth, ON K7H 3C6 In December 1995, Addison Products WeatherKing division was acquired by Heat Controller. With easy access to supply blower/motor assemblies, condenser coils and fan, the TRS-Series is easy to maintain. The RC series corresponds to an outdoor condensing unit. Addison’s system runs a range of 300 – 7,500 CFM of outdoor air. If you want to start saving money while staying comfortable in your home year round, a heat pump in Addison, MI could be an excellent investment to make. C-Series units are ideal for a variety of commercial, institutional and industrial applications. Roberts-Gordon has been in the radiant heating space for over 50 years. The heat pump is an efficient way to heat and cool as it is a single piece of equipment. Our featured Heat Pump/Air Conditioning systems provide unmatched comfort with amazingly LOW COST of operation. Available in air-cooled and water-cooled models, the TRS-Series is a rooftop heating and air conditioning system configurable to a variety of HVAC needs. Heating applications include hydronic, snow and ice melting, swimming pool heating and domestic water heating. The W-Series units provide warm or cool water. I got called out on a ground source heat pump with no ac problem. when it reset and was running got 84 low side and 84 high side. This Page is Intentionally Blank ... coil (not available on heat pump modes), supplemental heat (electric hot water or steam) and variable air volume delivery. Let us know what type of service you need and we can connect you with a certified local HVAC contractor. These units can be roof-mounted on a factory supplied roof curb or platform-mounted. ADDISON ® RC/FC Series. The air-cooled models include an air conditioning unit (TRSA) and a heat pump unit (TRSH). These are designed to cool multi-story, high rise buildings. RC-Series units are typically installed in commercial and industrial applications such as hotels, sports arenas, office buildings, as well as manufacturing facilities. The modular cabinet design provides space for specialty filtration, humidifiers, air blenders, return fans and heating options. Heat pumps provides both heating and cooling. Designed to operate with the RC/RH models, the VC/HC models help provide high energy efficiency ratios and a wide range of airflows. Addison’s Linear Capacity Dedicated Outdoor Air System claims to be the most energy efficient dedicated outdoor air system, along with over 50 percent energy savings when compared to fixed capacity dedicated outdoor air systems. David R. Bangs Fuels Ltd. Heat Pump, Heating and Air Conditioning, Hydronic Heating (613) 264-8591. Call 1st Class for at (972) 846-8819 gas furnace repair in Addison, TX. In 1988, Addison Products sold the residential “WeatherKing” brand line to Rheem Mfg. The load side can be composed of fan coil units, radiant coils, baseboard radiation or process application. Vertical Water Packages are another unit from Addison. As is the case with any mechanical devices, occasionally … The source side can be composed of a cooling tower, geothermal loop, well, lake, etc. Roberts-Gordon focuses on Infrared Tube Heaters and Infrared Heating. 1213 Christie Lake Road R.R. STEUBEN HEAT PUMP is an authorized "FUJITSU" & Mitsubishi contractor, as well as other major brands. DXS often recommends combining a VRF system with Addison equipment when a rooftop system or split system with dedicated outside air (100% outside air) is required. © 2020 FurnaceCompare.com - a Red Ventures Company. A general statement of a limited warranty of Addison products describes a 5-year limited warranty on the compressor from the date of purchase, and one year warranty on replacement parts. It can also serve as a heating unit. Addison Products Co. was founded in 1949. In 2004, Fedders purchased Addison’s assets from Heat Controller Inc. and established Fedders Addison Co. Addison™ supplies heating, cooling and dehumidification products for commercial and industrial installations for both new construction and retrofit projects. They differ from many companies because they can offer packaged heat pumps for large commercial applications where others don’t. I understand that I do not have to agree to receive these types of calls or text messages as a condition for purchasing any goods or services. The new company was called Addison Products Co., a division of Heat … Utilizing the heat of rejection generated during a vapor compression cycle has long been a challenging but rewarding focus for both mechanical engineers and electrical utilities. These units can be installed on a slab or on post and rails. These are cooled, water packages, stationed vertically atop buildings, designed to be more efficient at heating and cooling than heat pumps. Contact a top-rated local expert to help with all of your home's HVAC needs. The heat pump is an efficient way to heat and cool as it is a single piece of equipment. The VCA/HCA air handlers help provide high latent capacities necessary for today’s indoor air quality standards. 2.2 Inspection and Setup All units are leak-tested, pressure-tested, evacuated, and Learn more about the Addison products by reviewing our product list below: The DC/DW-Series is available in air source heat pump (DC) or water source heat pump (DW) for cooling tower/boiler and geothermal applications, as well as 100% outdoor air handling unit configurations. Featuring R410A refrigerant, the C-Series, split system air handler is a matching model line to the R-Series condensing unit. See ratings and reviews for the best in furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, boilers and more. I am providing my prior express written consent to share my information with FurnaceCompare.com's, Networx and, and Networx’s authorized parties calling on their behalf, to deliver calls or text messages to my phone number provided above, for the purpose of home improvement requests & contractor bids, using an automated telephone dialing system or an artificial or prerecorded voice. The company operates as a subsidiary of Roberts-Gordon, LLC, and is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. Today Addison operates as a subsidiary of Roberts-Gordon, LLC. In 2008 Roberts-Gordon, LLC, purchased the company from Fedders and changed the company name from Fedders Addison Company to Addison. Addison Products Co. was founded in 1949. Flexible horizontal or vertical configurations are available with either single circuited evaporator coils for single compressor unit or dual circuited face split evaporator coils for dual compressor units. See also: Masterformat 2004; 23 81 00 - Decentralized Unitary HVAC Equipment; 23 81 13 - Packaged Terminal Air-Conditioners; 23 81 16 - Room Air-Conditioners; 23 81 26 - Split-System Air-Conditioners Model: WW Series Description: Addison High Efficiency, Water-to-Water Indoor Heat Pumps Size: 3 to 35 tons Specs: With R410A refrigerant, the W-Series is available in heating only (WWH model line), cooling only (WWC model line) or both (WWR model lines). With R410A refrigerant, the W-Series is available in heating only (WWH model line), cooling only (WWC model line) or both (WWR model lines). DC/DW-Series units are for commercial, institutional and industrial applications ranging from office buildings to medical facilities to manufacturing facilities. Addison works with the customer to find the correct equipment specifications that will efficiently suit the dimensions of the building. Water to Water units can be used in conjunction with air handlers, or any other unit, as a source of chilled water.

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