The source code for the WIKI 2 extension is being checked by specialists of the Mozilla Foundation, Google, and Apple. Actua Golf 2 (known as Fox Sports Golf '99 in North America), also developed by Gremlin Interactive for the PlayStation and Microsoft Windows, was released in 1998. It was later joined by the rebirth of the Premier Manager franchise and the club version of Actua Soccer. "[9] Two reviewers for Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) called the game addictive. [5] In the United Kingdom, it was released for the PlayStation in July 1996,[5] followed by a Sega Saturn release that October. Options such as mulligans and gimmes are also available. [1][2][6] A Nintendo 64 version of VR Golf '97 was scheduled for release in late 1997,[7] but it was cancelled. The game also featured menu music and a cameo appearance from Welsh rockers, Super Furry Animals, which could only can be unlocked after entering a cheat code. Actua Golf (VR Golf '97 in North America) is a sports video game, part of the Actua Sports series. Aggregating review website GameRankings gave the PC version 70.50%[13] and the PlayStation version 38.75%.[14]. 1 Actua Golf 1.1 1996 2 VR Golf '97 2.1 1996 3 Actua Golf 2 3.1 1997 4 Fox Sports Golf '99 4.1 1998 5 Actua Golf 3 5.1 1999 Actua Golf was released as VR Golf '97 in the United States. Actua Pool was developed by Gremlin for PlayStation and Windows in 1999. The U.S. version was published by VR Sports, a division of Interplay. Selectable weather conditions include dry, damp, and wet. Actua Golf 3; Developers; Urbanscan: Publishers; Console Classics: Release dates; … It was released in 1996.[8][9][10][11]. [5] Kitts considered the commentary "boring and repetitive. The first title's biggest claim to fame was its full 3D graphics engine, used for the first time in a home console football game (the first full-3D football game being Sega arcade Virtua Striker); although other console games had used a 3D field, players were commonly still 2D sprites but in Actua Soccer players were polygonal. For the first time, both club and national teams were present, plus other teams (such as Arsenal LFC) and various joke teams. Actua Golf features two fictional golf courses. A port for the Nintendo 64 was planned but canceled after six months in development due to poor sales of the game Body Harvest for the platform.[16]. The game received an average score of 70.50% at GameRankings, based on an aggregate of 2 reviews. Format Reviews Average Score First Review PlayStation 3 86% 18 Jul 1996 PlayStation Edit. You can help to expand this page by adding an image or additional information. [11] A couple of reviewers for GameFan considered it among the best games available at that time,[12] and two reviewers for Mean Machines Sega considered it the best golf game for the Saturn. It is part of the Actua Sports series, and follows Actua Golf (1996). Image Magazine Issue Published Reviewer(s) Pages Rating Adj Rating Comment Arcade: 1: 17 Nov 1998 Sam Richards: 0.20 [3], The first game was a bestseller in the UK,[4][5] where it was backed by what journalists called "the most expensive advertising campaign ever mounted for a console game. [1] Reviewing the Sega Saturn version, Air Hendrix wrote that the game "has what PGA '97 doesn't have: fast, clean action and spectacular course graphics. Actua Golf 2 is a 1998 golf simulation video game. I use WIKI 2 every day and almost forgot how the original Wikipedia looks like. Barry Davies was joined by Trevor Brooking on the commentary,[12] and the game featured England football team captain and striker Alan Shearer not only on the cover, but also providing interviews about the game in the press. [12], The game received a score of 8/10 from PC Gaming World. It was developed and published by Gremlin Interactive in the United Kingdom for PlayStation and Microsoft Windows. Would you like Wikipedia to always look as professional and up-to-date? The first game in the series was the 1995 milestone title, Actua Soccer, which quickly became one of the most important titles for the company. The game was developed with close ties to a local football club Sheffield Wednesday: their players provided hints to the programmers, and three players, Chris Woods, Graham Hyde and Andy Sinton, also served as motion capture models. [11] Stephen Fulljames of Computer and Video Games wrote that Alliss "provides an accurate, and somewhat acerbic commentary throughout. Above the objections of some of the developers, development of the game continued. The magazine's Elvis Bacon called it "quite simply the best tennis game available."[15]. Michael Owen and Simon Tracey provided motion capture for the players. [8][3][4][1][9] The variety of camera angles received some praise as well. We have created a browser extension. "[6] Tommy Glide of GamePro, while criticising the game's lack of flashy special moves and mild sound effects, deemed it the most well-rounded PlayStation soccer game to date, saying it offered a good combination of FIFA's deep strategy and Goal Storm's sharp visuals and accessibility. Just over half way through development, Fox pulled out taking the NHL license with it. In the United States, it was published by VR Sports under the title VR Golf '97. [1][9][4] However, Kitts stated that the game did not take advantage of the PlayStation's capabilities and that it "fails miserably in the graphics department." [2], Actua Soccer featured only national teams, with squads of 22 players from each of 44 national sides, However a follow up version with English Premier League teams named Actua Soccer: Club Edition was released in 1997 using 20 players from the 20 Premier League teams from 1996/97. [5], The game's abundance of options was praised. Actua Sports is a sports video game series published by Gremlin Interactive which competed with Electronic Arts EA Sports label during the second half of the 1990s, until Gremlin was acquired by Infogrames. [5], EGM's reviewers praised the commentary. Actua Golf 3. Actua Tennis was developed by Gremlin and released on PlayStation in 1998 and Windows PC in 1999. Classic editor History Comments Share. Classic editor History Comments Share. The term "Actua" is a (seemingly marketing-related) play on Sega's line of "Virtua" titled games, which included Virtua Fighter, Virtua Racing and Virtua Striker.[1]. "[2] The latter review concluded that while the game "has plenty of room to improve, it ranks at the top of this year's Saturn leaderboards.

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