That's why they're perfect for daggers: you're already landing a dozen strikes a second anyway, so you can light people on fire or poison them fast. Upon encountering Lagos, you can choose to spare him instead of killing him. And their single-target style makes them especially bad choices for Conquest battles, where you'll always be fighting three or four people at once. These two-handed monsters are huge, slow, and powerful. These weapons, through the engraving system, added some special benefits that helped make you an even deadlier warrior. Shield Breaker: Enemies with shields are a huge pain for swords. Use the staff and spear's range to get some distance, then swing for the fences. Charged Heavy Attack: If you can see an attacker coming but they haven't gotten to you yet, using the charged heavy attack is one hell of a way to say "hello." This Official Collector’s Edition Guide on Amazon can help you tremendously on your travels through ancient Greece, so I highly recommend taking a look at it. Vanish: This skill blinds nearby enemies so you can escape, but dagger users can employ it offensively to distract groups of enemies so they can focus them down one at a time. Also, these 10 weapons and add-ons make the game even more appealing. It's insanely powerful, and you build adrenaline so quickly in fights that you can make use of this skill several times in prolonged fights. Unlike a lot of the other shots, the overpowered shot is strong enough and big enough to successfully assassinate a high-level target from a distance. Sign up to get the best content of the week, and great gaming deals, as picked by the editors. Black Friday deals: see all the best offers right now! How to Obtain: This item can be found inside the Temple of Demeter and Kore in Arkadia. Hero Strike: Your character's assassin damage is insanely high, but you can only use it when you're being sneaky. Weapons that will range from different rarities, as well as how to obtain them and what upgrades you can apply to these weapons. Engraving: Chance to stun with melee attacks. If you can stun or trick an enemy long enough to get swinging, though, there's almost nothing in the game that can do more damage. How to Obtain: Defeat Deimos during the main story questline. Fighting multiple opponents is almost a certainty, which makes staffs and spears very handy. Focus on one enemy at a time and use the rapid-fire combos to kill them before they can respond. The heavy attack also has a big throwback bonus, so if you use it with a heavy mace, you might fling enemies farther than even the best Sparta Kick. Well basically, Assassin's Creed Odyssey uses a very similar combat system to the one in AC Origins, where players can pick which weapon they'd like to use. Best skills for heavy bladed and heavy blunt: Bull Rush: Charging through enemies and dealing a lot of damage is somewhat wasted on the other weapons, but for the heavy hitters it's a great way to get in close, stun your opponent, and leave yourself free to demolish the opposition. Bows also get short shrift in the design department because they all handle the same way, and they're a terrible option if you're being attacked up close. Once exposed, The Hydra can be found circling the waters in the far Southwest of the island of Messenia. Which one you prefer will probably come down to the situation: If you're fighting a few enemies on top of a building, the staff will send them flying to their deaths. These tasks range from completing certain quests-main or not-, defeating certain bespoke Mercenaries, and taking out certain targets as part of the story. Charged Heavy Attack: If you get a moment to breathe, charging up a heavy attack will give you a huge damage bonus and a big, sweeping target area. Knowing which weapon to use, though, is half of the battle. On top of some new mechanics and skills, the game added a plethora of weapons for the protagonist, the misthios, to acquire and wield. However like AC Origins, Odyssey gives you dozens of options to eventually choose from. Here, we'll break down each type of weapon, with a few recommendations of what skills complement these weapons. What are the best weapons in Assassin's Creed Odyssey? When you do have to dodge or block, daggers are the fastest weapon to resume your attacks. How to Obtain: Look inside a chest at the Since all mercenaries will travel Greece and appear at random locations, you may or may not find him before you uncover his identity as the cult sage. Heavy attacks will work, but they're slow. Overpower Strike: Overpower Strike is like shooting cruise missile with fletching. Sixth Sense: This skill slows time and auto-locks onto an enemy's torso any time they spot you while in stealth. Your character in Odyssey is pretty handy with a punch, and damage from fists won't kill characters but instead knock them unconscious. Check out  Engravings;to see what kind of buffs Weapons can have. Rather than letting that one guard blow the whistle, you have a chance to take him out fast and keep sneaking. All weapons, except Legendary Weapons, are randomly generated and can be obtained by looting chests and enemies and completing quests. Check Out the All Weapon List Here Top 10 Weapons in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. This skill is mostly wasted in one-on-one fights, which makes it a good crowd control companion for staff and spear users. Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, In-Game Purchases, Ainigmata Ostraka Locations and Riddle Solutions, Cult of Kosmos - Cultist Locations and Spear Upgrades Guide, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Engraving: +20% damage with Devastating Shot ability, Engraving: +50% Chance to not Consume Special Arrows, How to Obtain: This is found inside a chest in the Andania Mine in Messenia, Engraving: +20% damage with Bull Rush ability. Spears are usually better for getting the longest reach and staffs are better for fighting while surrounded, but they're very close to identical. Most Weapons in Assassin's Creed Odyssey are randomly generated. How to Obtain: Find in a chest in Artemisia Fort in the Highlands of Asklepiades area or at Sporades Island on Kos. Engraving: +20% damage to Charged Heavy Attack abilities. How to Obtain: Kill the mercenary with the title: “The Smoldering”. We break down each weapon type, their strengths and weaknesses, and what skills will turn you into a god of war. Upgrade it to use explosive arrows and then unleash carpet bombings on groups of enemies. How to Obtain: Complete Atlantis quest “Ancient Revelations”. There are swords, spears, daggers, bows, staffs, and heavy weapons, and among all of these different types, there are … Engraving: +40% Damage when Attacking from Behind. Daggers specialize in speed and getting up close. Keep in mind you can level up any Weapon you'd like, which is well worth the trouble for pieces that give you buffs that match your playstyle. For heavy weapons, time is the most precious commodity. If you're facing a heavy-hitter like a brute, dagger attacks will carve them up while they're working on their big, slow attacks. How to Obtain: Look inside a chest on the small island south of Chios next to the Temple of Poseidon.

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