Sources: Ruderman, David B. 25:8.) He saw Noah and the flood. … In me shall all mankind have light, and that eternally, even they who shall believe on my name. …” (Ether 3:14.). The New Testament begins with the acknowledgment of Messianic expectation by stating that So, it is very easy to document a wide range of messianic expectation and, judging from the explosion of messianic materials in the period 200 BCE - 200 CE and the wide acceptance of popular messianic leaders, it is very easy to conclude that messianic expectations were widespread. Up till now, we have been studying the messianologies that were common between the Maccabaean revolt and the revolt of Simon ben Kosiba (c.165 BCE - c.140 CE). ), After discovering Jesus, Andrew went to his brother, Simon, and said, “We have found the Messias,” that is, the Christ. 4. But Satan exercised his influence, persuading men to love him more than God. A few generations later the Lord directed Moses when he was delivering the children of Israel from their bondage to the Egyptians. or is merely inaugurating God's personal rule of the universe.note[E.g., Isaiah 24:23.]. Jerusalem: Ben-Zvi Institute, 1991. “And the Lord said unto Enoch: Look, and he looked and beheld the Son of Man lifted up on the cross, after the manner of men; “And he heard a loud voice; and the heavens were veiled; and all the creations of God mourned; and the earth groaned; and the rocks were rent, and the saints arose, and were crowned at the right hand of the Son of Man, with crowns of glory.” (Moses 7:55–56. Another author who assumes the restoration of the tribes wrote the Psalms of Solomon. Italics added.). “… [Men] would not hearken unto his [God’s] voice, nor believe on his Only Begotten Son, even him whom he declared should come in the meridian of time, who was prepared from before the foundation of the world.” (Moses 5:57.). Again, when Jesus was before Pilate he was confronted directly with the question, “Art thou a king then?” To Pilate the Lord responded, “Thou sayest that I am a king. Italics added.). The particular meaning associated with the words messiah and Christ is: the King and Deliverer, the Anointed One, the Savior, the Redeemer. ), “As I live, even so will I come in the last days, in the days of wickedness and vengeance. …. 34:23–24.). A question that we have not systematically explored, is: what was the Messiah expected to do? Needless to say that these texts were later interpreted as referring to the coming of the Messiah. 7:12, 14, 16.). Several generations after the flood, in the time when the languages were confounded, the knowledge of the coming Redeemer was still among men, for the Redeemer manifested himself unto the brother of Jared and declared: “Behold, I am he who was prepared from the foundation of the world to redeem my people. 23:5–8.). We have seen that there were several types and that several literary motifs could be used to describe the Messiah. All rights reserved. Additional testimony of Jesus’ messiahship was given the world when he was resurrected and was seen in Palestine on a number of occasions and in a variety of circumstances over a period of some forty days. ), Adam and Eve rejoiced when they learned that the Redeemer had been provided for mankind, “and they made all things known unto their sons and their daughters.” (Moses 5:12.). Men everywhere were commanded to repent, but unrighteousness still prevailed. 7:13–14. In the first place, the coming of the Messiah does not necessarily mean the end of times; this is a Christian idea. In many texts that refer to a brave new world or the Last Judgment, no mention is made of the Messiah (e.g., the oldest portions of the Enochic writings, the Assumption of Moses, the Sybilline Oracles, the Wisdom of Ben Sira, or the first two Books of Maccabees). The Messiah was expected to sacrifice and worship in the Temple, like the kings of Israel's golden age. For example, he declared: “… if ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins.” (John 8:24.). 26:19.). Broad window of messianic expectation: 4292-6000 AC. It was 135 years later (586 B.C.) An examination of the revelations of the Lord clearly indicates that although there may be an element of truth in the suggested proposition, the basic messianic concept is not of naturalistic origin, and that in all probability what appears to be a relatively universal, spontaneous manifestation of the concept, if records had been made among all peoples and preserved, would be found to be a diffusion of a concept known at the beginning of man’s sojourn upon the earth, which was part of the prophetic heritage that lingered in the traditions of the various peoples as they were scattered upon the earth. At the same time, he was supposed to restore the twelve tribes. Behold, I am Jesus Christ. Church-Sponsored Educational Opportunities, “Black Marks Your Eye Can Pick Off the Page”, Jenniev J. Poulson and John R. Christiansen, The Journeys and Ministry of Jesus the Christ, “The Messianic Expectation,” Ensign, Apr. In Hebrew “Immanuel” means “with us is God.”) Reflecting on this remarkable son, Immanuel, Isaiah further identifies him by some other names and titles and says it is he who will reign on the throne of David forever. However, there are also texts that make it clear that the Messiah has something to offer to the non-Jewish peoples. Three remarks must be made at the end of this part of our study of ancient messianism. that the southern kingdom, or Judah, was destroyed and many of its people taken into captivity by the Babylonians. They all say unto him, Let him be crucified.” (Matt. Advent Bible Study with Pastor Terry Farmer from St. Paul's UCC German Township Others said, This is the Christ.” Still others disputed, and “there was a division among the people because of him.” (John 7:40–41, 43.). Enoch was shown that the Son of Man would come in the meridian of time, and he heard the Lord say: “Blessed is he through whose seed Messiah shall come; for he saith—I am Messiah, the King of Zion, the Rock of Heaven. …” (Moses 7:53.). The ancient apostles were given still an additional assurance of the Lord’s messiahship when they witnessed his ascension into heaven and “two men stood by them in white apparel; Which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? Isaiah's appeal to "prepare the way of the Lord in the wilderness" (40.3) was probably understood as messianic, although this is not easy to prove. It is from the Aramaic that the Greek messias is derived. “And in that day the Holy Ghost fell upon Adam, which beareth record of the Father and the Son, saying: I am the Only Begotten of the Father from the beginning, henceforth and forever, that as thou hast fallen thou mayest be redeemed; and all mankind, even as many as will.” (Moses 5:6–9. ), After Pilate’s query of Jesus, he said to the multitude, “What shall I do then with Jesus which is called Christ? So, we see that the Messiah will comfort those who need to be comforted and will restore Israel and its tribes. ), In many places in his writings Isaiah mentions things associated with the Messiah, things that have to do with either his first coming or his second coming. Inasmuch as Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth (along with their wives) survived the great flood, the knowledge that the Redeemer of mankind was to come was likewise preserved through the flood. However, there were clear contradictions. “And the Lord ordained Noah after his own order, and commanded him that he should go forth and declare his Gospel unto the children of men, even as it was given unto Enoch.” (Moses 8:19. To such the words of a great Book of Mormon prophet should evoke some soul searching: “… what have ye to say against this? Both the nature of the Messiah and the restoration were matters of debate. First they were victims of the Babylonian captivity; then they were ruled in turn by the Persians, the Greeks, the Ptolemies, and the Seleucids. “The World Is So Full of a Number of Things”. The same sentiment was at the same time expressed by Haggai, who calls Zerubbabel "the desire of all nations".note[Haggai 2.7.] Methuselah was a son of Enoch, and Lamech was a son of Methuselah, and Noah was a son of Lamech.

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